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Online Casino or Offline Casino? Which is Better?

Since online gambling has been dominating the casino industry it has been a question hanging on everyone’s lips whether online casinos are better than land based gaming establishments. Most modern players are happy to access all their favourite casino games directly from their computer while other players enjoy the effort of frequenting land based establishments. And now that gambling is being passed into law in more states across USA, we have to wonder which is better.

But if you haven’t heard the pros and the cons of both options, perhaps you need to in order to decide for yourself which is better. Let’s take a look at the two and compare features.

Online Casino Gaming

Some would say the perks of gambling online are endless but you would need to see and understand the perks for yourself. Here are some of the attractive features online casinos have to offer.

Live Casino Games

Although you cannot physically touch someone in the virtual realm of casino gaming, leading software gaming brands have made it possible for online players to experience the same one on one experience trough what is known as live casino games. This form of online gambling allows you direct and uninterrupted access to a live casino dealer with whom you can talk and interact with as you would at a land based casino.

Online Perks

Online casinos offer potential members perks to sign up. These include a range of welcome bonuses or otherwise known as sign up bonuses. Players are offer free casino money upon signing up or alternatively the package would include free spins and or bonus credits. Other online perks involve promotions, VIP rewards, loyalty programmes and the like.

Variety of Games

Get access to hundreds of thousands of games which include a variety of themed video slots games, variants of Blackjack and Poker, Bingo, Craps, Lottery games, Keno, Baccarat and more! You have direct access to all these games in one location without having to drive from one casino to the next in search of variety.


Access all your favourite casino games around the clock. 24/7 access is one of the perks of the internet. You can play whenever the mood arises.


Take your favourite casino games with you on the go. Most online casinos have designed their casinos to be accessible via modern technology which has been powered for smart devices such as phones, tablets and laptops.


Tournaments offer punters the opportunity to walk away with some serious hard cash through signing up online to partake in scheduled tournaments. These are organized online events which require players to buy in and play against other opponents. The activity is exciting and highly popular amongst casino enthusiasts.

As you can see, the world of possibilities lies within online gambling and the variety is just one of the perks you have access to.

Land Based Casino Gaming / Offline Casino Gaming

Land based casino gaming remains a treat for a select majority of players. There is nothing quite as invigorating as visiting your favourite casino in China or exploring the strip of Nevada to admire bright casino lights, amazing architecture and a number of other desirable features which can only truly be appreciated by the human eye. With this in mind, here are some of the perks of offline gaming which makes frequenting a land based establishment more desirable.


Land based establishments don’t usually only offer casino games. You can expect to witness a series of line up’s for entertainment purposes at the casino. Here is where you can play your favourite casino games and then go watch a live performance thereafter.

Interactive Gaming Experience

Frequenting a land based establishment grants you access to human interaction. From the moment you buy your chips to the moment you leave the building, you are surrounded by other people adding an element of humanity to your evening out.

Exclusive Poker Rooms

Some casinos offer exclusive access to poker rooms which is something of a novelty. The experience goes unmatched and should be mentioned. The rooms are beautifully designed to impress high rollers.


An advantage, if you have the means, is travelling to foreign countries to admire the sheer brilliance of some of the world’s most exquisitely designed casino establishments.

So now you can see which of the two gaming options are better. Also consider the size of the markets for both land based gambling as well as online gaming. As it stands, online casino gaming greatly surpasses the growth of land based gambling, which is of course due to many factors including ease of access, number of operators and the amount of games available online. Based on these facts alone, it’s clear to see which vertical greatly outshines the other.