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Only in Canada…;

Only in Canada…

  • You can’t get your mail for three days because the mailbox outside is frozen. Too bad, your first paycheck was in the mail…
  • You see people queuing outside in the snow at 7:00 am for a cup of Tim Hortons coffee
  • You’re 50 cts. short for buying a Coke because you thought taxes were included
  • You see people wearing shorts and tee-shirt when it’s “only” 5C.
  • You have to plug your car overnight to make sure it starts in the morning
  • You can treat yourself with the leftover dough of a doughnut (yep, it’s called Timbits and people actually like them)
  • You’re considered as “fluent in French” if you can read most road signs and food products’ boxes
  • There are kids playing hockey depicted on your banknote

Eh, this is Canada !

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