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Only in Canada…

Only in Canada…

You can’t get your mail for three days because the community mailbox is frozen. Too bad, your first paycheck was in the mail…

You see people queuing outside in the snow at 7:00 am for a cup of Tim Hortons coffee.

You’re 50 cents short for a Coke because you thought taxes were included.

You see people wearing shorts and tee-shirt when it’s “only” 5C.

You have to plug your car overnight to make sure it starts in the morning.

You can treat yourself with the leftover dough of a doughnut (yep, it’s called Timbits and people actually like them).

You’re considered “fluent in French” if you can read most road signs and food packaging.

There are kids playing hockey depicted on your banknote.

You can visit cities named “Dildo” (Newfoundland), “Climax” (Saskatchewan), “Uranium City” (still Saskatchewan…), “Come By Chance” (Newfoundland), “Economy” (Nova Scotia), “Stoner” (BC… where else!), “Bastard” (Ontario… has this anything to do with politics??), “Blow Me Down” (Newfoundland), “Burnt Church” (New Brunswick), “Shag Harbor” (Nova Scotia), “Swastika” (Ontario)…!

Eh, this is Canada!

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