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Picture of the Week: Ontario Wine Pick

Ontario Wine Pick, Ottawa, June 2013
Ontario Wine Pick, Ottawa, June 2013

Apparently, someone wasn’t too inspired with the local wine pick—big blank!

I am not a wine person. In fact, I rarely—if ever—drink, which is often seen as strange considering I grew up in France, in a wine region to boot. But somehow, I have never developed the taste for alcoholic drinks. I hate beer, both the taste and the smell, and while I can have some wine I don’t think I truly enjoy it the way I am supposed to.

I guess there is nothing wrong with not drinking but I often feel I have to justify myself, especially when I am in France. No, I am not a recovering alcoholic; no, I did not experience any alcohol-related trauma, no, really, I do no need a second “verre” of this supposedly delicious “rosé”!

Canada does produce some good wine, mostly in southern British Columbia and southern Ontario, including the famous “ice wine”. Maybe that would have been a good “Ontario wine pick”!

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