Overworked? You Need A Weekend Break (Right Here In Canada)

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No matter where in the world you live, sometimes we all just need a break. Living in Canada is no exception; work, college or other commitments can get on top of us, and we really just need to get away. With a recent survey finding that flights out of Canada are among the most expensive in the world, you’ll be better off finding places to regroup right here. Luckily, there are plenty of places in Canada where you can enjoy an amazing trip, and with the country being so big, it still feels like you’re going pretty far.

Niagara Falls

Niagara’s Main Street

There’s so much to do in Niagara Falls that you’ll be spoiled for choice. Obviously, you need to visit the Canada side of the falls, with the Maid of the Mist boat being your best option to see this world-famous attraction, separating the border between the USA. Just prepare to get soaked! There’s also a rotating restaurant called the Skylon Tower, so you’ve got something to keep you going after a long day of sight-seeing (and you can continue with that while you’re up there thanks to the views, too).

After dinner, you can retire to play some games. The Niagara Fallsview Casino is arguably one of the best options, complete with thousands of choices to play games and even watch live entertainment. If you’re not familiar with casino games or want some practice before you go, you can go to this page to see your Canada-specific online options to play the likes of roulette, blackjack and the slots, so you can just dive right into it when you get there.

Banff, Alberta

The Rocky Mountains offer some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, not just in Canada. Plus, you’ll find that you have plenty to do, what with hikes, boat rides and even a sightseeing lift. If you’re into skiing or extreme sports, there are loads of them you can do – and fresh air is always good when you need to refresh.

Of course, no trip to Banff should go without visiting the incredible Lake Louise. It’s the stuff postcards are made of (literally), as the colour is so bright. It’s truly a vivid aqua, and it’s unlike anything you’ve probably seen before.

Vancouver, Canada

The West Coast’s biggest and arguably best city is just one of those places where you can find no fault. There’s an abundance of things to do, making it an ideal choice when travelling with others – you won’t have to make any compromises at all; it’s just so versatile.

No matter the season, you’ll find plenty of different options to keep you entertained in Vancouver. Stunning beaches are the ideal place to flock to during the summer, but during the notoriously colder months, just wrap up warm and visit the lakes, galleries, or delicious places to eat. As Canada’s most ethnically diverse location, you’ll find plenty of unique eateries, culturally interesting neighbourhoods, and a general “big city” vibe, to perfectly complement the gorgeous natural setting.

These options are pretty spaced out, so you can choose the best option for you, depending on your interests, where you live, and time constraints. The daily grind doesn’t need to stop you from seeing more of our brilliant country!


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