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Passage Pommeraye is one of Nantes’ Gems

Nantes is a fairly old city. I grew up surrounded by historic buildings and landmarks—Canadians find it amazing but in France, it’s just the normal environment.

Passage Pommeraye is one of the historic monuments I’m now rediscovering. The mini shopping mall is a passage between two streets, rue de la Fosse (the lower street) and rue de Santeuil (the higher one).  It was completed in 1843 and was a novelty at the time. The design is very elaborate and includes Renaissance-style sculptures along the stairways.

Passage Pommeraye is closed at night and only opens around 8 a.m. When I was going to school, most mornings, I had to take a street parallel to the passage, which I hated because the narrow alley was steep and always stunk of pee and dog poop. But if I was late, with a bit of luck, I was able to take the Passage Pommeraye shortly before 8 a.m.! Trust me, I ran up the stairs many many times to make it to school on time!

The Entrance Rue de la Fosse
From The First Level
One of the Statues Along The Stairways
The Ceiling
From The Third Level
Balustrade Ornaments
One of the Stores
The Entrance Rue de Santeuil
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