Perú To Bolivia

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In The Land Of Lamas

In The Land Of Lamas

From Arequipa, we took the bus to Puno, our last stop in Perú before Bolivia. The road was beautiful: we climbed high in the mountains in a land of lakes, deserts, volcanoes.

Our bus stopped in the middle of nowhere (literally) and we had a chance to take pictures of the lamas and the alpacas, as well as flamingos. We could barely breathe: at 3,000 meters, oxygen is scarce. Just walking a few meters is hard (smoking not, funny enough – yes, I know).

We arrived in Juliaca, about an hour drive from Puno. The town was a slum: dirt roads, chaos and cold weather. We jumped in a collectivo to Puno and arrived a bit before sunset. It was really cold this time and we slept under three layers of blankets. Breathing is still hard and our head is pounding, a mild case of soroche, altitude sickness. We had bought some pills in Lima, but we tend to rely in the local remedy: coca leaves. We drink mate de coca (basically coca leaves tea) and eat coca candy. Nope, so far no effect on us. Too bad. We are just altitude high then.

We only stayed one night in Puno and took a border bus the next morning. We drove along the Titicaca Lake and completed immigration to enter Bolivia. The process was long (one immigration official on both sides for about 100 people) but fairly smooth.

We are now on the shore of the highest lake in the word: Lake Titicaca.

Up In The Mountains, Stormy Weather

Up In The Mountains, Stormy Weather

Highlands Lakes

Highlands Lakes

On Perú Side

On Perú Side

Entering Bolivia

Entering Bolivia

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca


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  1. You made me (altitude) high just by reading this post. That stormy weather in the mountains shot is awesome! I hope you feel better soon so you can truly enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

    Btw, Lake Titicaca is a funny name. 🙂

    I bet you never want to come home.

  2. Girl, you don’t know how lucky you are now! It’s freakin’ -30c in Montreal right now and probably the same for Ottawa. Northern Quebec is colder than North Pole! Can you imagine that?! I’m freezing my butt off here…I wish I’m in Denmark still.

  3. princesse ecossaise on

    Wow Zhu those are great photos! You guys must be having the most amazing adventures right now, you are so lucky to be able to travel to all these different countries!

  4. I agree with the coca leaves, they do not remedy the problem. I did go to a pharmacy in Cuzco and asked for medicine for soroche, and that one did take effect. The mate de coca did nothing for me.

    Are you guys going to the islas flotillas?

  5. wow, beautiful! always wanted to visit…

    oh and you’ve changed quite a bit between peru and entering bolivia ! :p

    lol jk… enjoy… keep up the amazing pix 🙂

  6. Hello friends,
    My; I hope that you are both feeling better now. That altitude sickness is not something easy to get used to.
    I remember seeing Lake Titcaca a long time ago on an episode of Jacques Cousteau’s adventures. It was fascinating and very unique.

    Enjoy the scenery and take care.

  7. When we love something it is of value to us, and when something is of value to us we spend time with it, time enjoying it and time taking care of it.Pic’s are cool liked them.Wishing you well my friend 🙂

  8. The photos are so incredible!!! The views, the sites, the colors are simply amazing. I guess you begin to appreciate the subtle things in life. It sounds like you are having an amazing time! I want to go!

  9. @Agnes – It´s a perk of being so high! 🙂

    @Scarlet – Titicaca is a funny name, no doubt. And how about the city of “baños”? 😆

    @Bluefish – I´m lucky, I know. Especially considering the cold weather in Ottawa and the bus strike. And the economy sucks. I am lucky.

    @princesse ecossaise – Yes, it was good timing and I enjoy it! Discovering the world is great… how is life in France? Not too cold? My parents say it´s freezing.

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – Yes, we went to the islands. I like the taste of mate de coca but it does not help much… Copacabana was okay actually, but in La Paz, my heart was beating so fast!

    @ammaro – I know, what a difference, eh! 😆

    @barbara – Overall, we were fine. Some people are really sick, we just felt a bit off. And old, huffing and puffing while climbing!

    @zingtrial – Good to hear from you! I do feel lucky and happy 🙂

    @expatraveler – I love taking pictures in Latin America because any shots is like “wow”. It´s a great place for photographers!

    @beaverboosh – Thank you!

    @Spyder – I love these weird animal crossing signs. I also have a kangaroo from OZ!

    @Froggywoogie – I´m a lucky gal 🙂

  10. Hola Zhu! Como andas? 😀

    3,000 metres? Oh boy…breathing can be hard, girl! So, you haven’t been smoking…I must rise from my chair and applaude *clap clap clap*!

    The highlands lakes is beautiful! I can imagine the quiet and the peace in there…

    Girl, South America becomes you!!! I know I am repeating myself, but I gotta say it: you look great!! 😀

    Have fun in Bolivia, guapa!


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