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Picture of the Week – War

War, This Way, Ottawa, May 2012

Canada is a peaceful nation, which is probably why next to the “war – this way” sign, there is a “wrong way” sign.

Or at least, that’s my twisted interpretation of this picture I snapped between Parliament Hill and Sparks Street.

This sign shows the way to the nearby Canada War Museum, a museum with which I have a love-and-hate relationship. Canada’s national museum of military history covers the country’s military past, from several hundred years ago to the most recent involvement in conflicts. And that’s the last part that bothers me: I find it strange to have wars that are currently being fought or were fought recently (for instance, in Kosovo or Afghanistan) exhibited in a museum. I do not think we have the necessary insights yet for that.

I’m all for honouring and remembering veterans, but I wouldn’t want history to be mixed with political agendas.

Maybe it’s my European upbringing—in the old world, history is only “history” if it happened a few centuries ago!

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