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Playa del Carmen, Mexico – Back to What People Call “Civilization”

! Hola chica! ¡Mire!

I don’t wanna mirar.

Playa Del Carmen is a circus.

Walk in the main street and dodge restaurants, tours and hotels offers. Decline to hold the baby tiger or the little iguana for the picture. Walk straight, ignore people, because even a polite “no gracias” won’t be enough. I do not want to go to Chichen Itza or Tulum. I just want to go buy a bottle of water. I do not want to eat. It’s 3 p.m.

I think people took classes at the Silk Market in Beijing. They are just about as pushy.

Cozumel is very American but Playa del Carmen is apparently loved by Europeans—Italians, French, Spanish, Germans… all nationalities stroll the main street, more or less drunk and more or less tan. I wonder if tourists feel weird walking in a street full of gringos. I do.

Trust me, you do want to get away from the main street for all the reasons mentioned above.

There is the beach. A pretty nice one, all things considered. The water isn’t as clear as in Tulum and it’s pretty packed but it’s long, so there is room for everyone. I liked the stormy sky, it made the water even more blue. It added depth. We beach bummed for most of the day. Our last beach.

Playa Del Carmen is our last stop. It’s the end of the trip. Tomorrow, we will fly from Cancún, back home.

I have this theory that the last stop shouldn’t be too nice a place because otherwise, you regret leaving. I won’t be sad to leave Playa. It was nice… for a day.

Leaving Cozumel
Playa Del Carmen Bus Station
Playa Del Carmen
Sombreros For Sale
And Blankets!
The Beach
The Beach
The Beach
The Beach

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