Graffiti and Political Stickers

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I’m a big fan of political or creative graffiti and stickers, and every time I go to France, I enjoy taking pictures of the walls. The 2012 batch was pretty creative, probably because of the upcoming presidential elections!

Break Out

Against Nuclear Power

« C’est l’homme qui a créé chaque mur, qui s’est barricadé de béton. Aurait-il peur de la nature? » (Men created walls and barricaded themselves behind concrete. Are they scared of nature?)

« On ne veut pas crever, on ne veut pas se laisser faire. Finissons-en avec le nucléaire, l’État et le capitalisme. » (We don’t want to die, we don’t want to be pushed over. End nuclear power, the state and capitalism.)


« Traqués, arrêtés, humiliés, enfermés, expulsés… assez! » (Hunted, arrested, humiliated, locked up, deported… enough!)

Capitalist Pig

« On l’engraisse, on l’engraisse… Capitalisme, on le bouffe quand? » (We feed it, we feed it… capitalism, when do we get to eat it?)

People's Feeling

« Émotion populaire » (People’s feeling)

Big Brother Is watching You

« Surveillés, fliqués, enfermés, ils sont Vichy! Soyons pirates. » (Monitored, watched, locked up… they are Vichy [the French government that collaborated with Hitler]. Let’s be pirates!)


“Squat, réappropriation, grève des loyers… ne laissons pas le quartier aux riches! » (Occupy, repossess, rent strike… don’t leave your district to rich people!)

Big Brother

“L’état nous observe : crevons-nous les yeux! » (The State is watching you. Blind it!)

Get Lost

« Promoteur, urbaniste, flic… dégage! » (Property developers, city planners, cops… get lost!)

Don't Be A Slave

« La démocratie est une galère. Ne choisissons pas nos maîtres, renversons le système! » (Democracy is hell. Don’t choose your master, overthrow the system!)

Rich Life

« On veut une vie riche, pas une vie de riche! » (We want to live a fulfilling life, but we don’t want to live like rich people!)


About Author

French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. Very creative I must say…..political signages during election time are properly assigned with permits and location….do you believe it??? Vandalism of any political signboards will be penalised and fine…now this is true here in Singapore.

    • Here too, there are designed places to put posters and all by the voting booth. And I believe vandalism is also punished, in theory at least.

  2. Salut Zhu,
    This is right up your alley! A very strong bunch of posters. You can say that you arrived at the best time to find some juicy ones.I don’t have masterpieces like those; I am amusing myself looking at the corner posting column; seeing what goes up in the night and down the next day…

    Carry on, comrade! 🙂

    • I always like the “fight” between the different parties, i.e. one puts up a poster and the other one stick the poster on top, etc.

  3. Well you’re lucky, in my neighbourhood it’s all about racist, anti-immigration, far far right stickers 🙁 This morning I even had a Marine Lepen poster with my mail … ewww!

    • Yuck. We have some too, I just ignore them. They aren’t very creative anyway and she looks like an idiot. Yes, I hate her and her ideas.

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