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Pulau Langawi

We had originally planned to cross to Thailand right after Georgetown, but we decided to linger a bit longer in Malaysia. Still looking for the perfect picturesque island, we settled on Pulau Langawi, which was said to have Malaysian’s best beach.

Getting there was pretty easy: we simply took the boat from Georgetown, a smooth three-hour ride. We arrived in Kuah, where all the shops are, (the island has a duty-free status), and went straight to Pantai Cenang, which has the best beach.

And indeed, it’s gorgeous. The two-kilometer strip of white-sand beach is lined-up with green palm-trees and even though the water isn’t all that clear, it’s warm and has a nice shade of blue. In the distance, the many islands surrounding Palau Langkawi made the scenery even better.

Once again, there were fewer travelers than we had expected, considering that this is one of Malaysia’s top destination. Strange.

We beach-bummed and caught up some zzz—last week, we had to get up a sunrise a few times to catch the plane to Singapore, the train to Butterworth and the boat to Palau Langawi. Who said traveling was just about resting?!

You can see the complete set of pictures taken in Malaysia on Flickr.

Pantai Cenang Beach
Sunset at the Beach
Going to Pulau Langawi
Little Crab Hole
Empty Beach
Empty Beach
Sunset on the Beach

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