Rapides-des-Joachims, Québec

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After Pembroke, we headed to Deep River and spent the night there (more on that later). The following day, the weather was a little bit better, albeit chilly. We drove to Rapides-Des-Joachims, a small village located on an island in the middle of the Ottawa River.

Rapides-Des-Joachims is in Québec, although it is isolated from the rest of the province: the only paved road link to the village is through Rolphton, Ontario. We took a small one-lane bridge to cross the River and admire the beautiful view. The shores of the river are surrounded by a thick boreal forest bordering the water — I felt like I was in New Zealand, in a fjord. We spotted a few people who just came back from a fishing trip by canoe, despite the rainy weather. Apparently, the catch was good!

Yet, I can’t imagine living in this isolated community during the winter months… Although I’m sure getting around by snowmobile can be a lot of fun.

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Bridge over the Ottawa River

Watch Out, Slippery!

Ontario Road

Rapides-Des-Joachims Bridge

By The River

The Dam at Rapides-des-Joachims

Snowmobiles Area

Canoe Zone

Fish Hook

Pine Needles


Coming Back From Fishing

Cold Beers and Worms

The Dam


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  1. We had rain all day today in Tulsa and about 75*F, cooler than usual. I just posted some rainy photos on my blog and see from my globe that someone is visiting me from Oakville Ontario, I assume that is you. If I knew how I would wave hello.

  2. Sometimes I think it sounds cool to live in such isolated, rural places. Then I realize that you would be stuck there, and I think maybe better just for a vacation! I like that it was so gray out when you took the pictures. Adds ambiance.

  3. Nice pics!
    I don’t know, sometimes I dream to live in really isolated places but then I think that I might go crazy without any social life. I guess it would depend where it is, as long as there’s a pub and nice people frequenting the bar, I think I could be happy.

  4. does that bridge have a steel roadbed? i hate those! i crossed a bridge like that in oregon once, and i could feel my car wheels slip even in dry weather. i can’t imagine the horrible feeling of driving on that bridge in winter, when it is wet or icy. and what is there is a car coming from the opposite direction. ieeeee.

  5. That place looks rather isolated. I agree, I don’t think I can live there during the winter. I prefer my cityscape. But I still think it’s a good idea to visit those rural areas every now and then for a change.

  6. Nice pictures. I like isolated areas – for travel, then I like to get back home. It is nice to know that they are there though. I think it all depends about what you are used to. I was brought up in Paris so for me Atlanta is a small town. Mais j’aime bien aller à la campagne – c’est relaxant.

  7. @Mr. G – Gracias!

    @DianeCA – Yes, we are exactly between Summer and Fall. We are having some weird days, weather-wise!

    @Tulsa Gentleman – That was probably me! I find the location is rarely exact, it almost never says Ottawa. So usually, Ontario = me 😉

    @shionge – Gotta take advantage of the long WE!

    @Soleil – I feel exactly the same. It looks cool to me, the city girl, but I like living in bigger cities and I would get bored.

    @Sidney – It’s pretty clean, but I’m afraid there is still some pollution.

    @Em – I guess you can have a social life, people are pretty welcoming. That said, I’m not sure I would like to know everyone within a twenty kilometer radius… I like being anonymous in a crowd.

    @Seraphine – That’s exactly how it felt! And most bridges in Canada are like that. I’m so scared to drive on them during the winter…

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – Something, you do need to escape the city a bit and I’m thankful to be able to drive to the country easily. But I’m still a city girl!

    @Vagabonde – I feel the same! Ottawa is pretty big compared to Nantes but it so spread out the downtown feels pretty small.

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