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Rapides-des-Joachims, Québec

After Pembroke, we headed to Deep River and spent the night there (more on that later). The following day, the weather was a little bit better, albeit chilly. We drove to Rapides-Des-Joachims, a small village located on an island in the middle of the Ottawa River.

Rapides-Des-Joachims is in Québec, although it is isolated from the rest of the province: the only paved road link to the village is through Rolphton, Ontario. We took a small one-lane bridge to cross the River and admire the beautiful view. The shores of the river are surrounded by a thick boreal forest bordering the water — I felt like I was in New Zealand, in a fjord. We spotted a few people who just came back from a fishing trip by canoe, despite the rainy weather. Apparently, the catch was good!

Yet, I can’t imagine living in this isolated community during the winter months… Although I’m sure getting around by snowmobile can be a lot of fun.

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Bridge over the Ottawa River
Watch Out, Slippery!
Ontario Road
Rapides-Des-Joachims Bridge
By The River
The Dam at Rapides-des-Joachims
Snowmobiles Area
Canoe Zone
Fish Hook
Pine Needles
Coming Back From Fishing
Cold Beers and Worms
The Dam

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