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Rebel France (1/2)

What if the walls around you were wiser than you expected?

Lately, I became interested in graffiti found on cities walls. Not the illegible signatures but rather the drawings, the short sentences, sometimes political, sometimes poetic, sometimes naive and sometimes so true. So here a few pictures I took in France last month. You will find their meaning below the mosaic.

From top left to bottom:

  • Fuck Sarko: Sarko is, of course, short for Sarkozy, our…er… beloved President. I found that on a wall nearby the shipyards, on the island of Nantes, in my hometown.
  • The guy in jail and the anarchy symbol painted over it: this picture was taken in the bathroom (yes, I know…!) of a popular hangout in Nantes, the Lieu Unique (“Unique Place“), a former biscuit factory now a trendy bar. I guess this is modern art…
  • La gauche cherche un homme… des hommes…: this poster was glued on a mailbox. It means “the left-wing is looking for a leader…supporters…“. The “Parti Socialiste” (Socialist Party) is pretty weak in France now and it needs a strong leader. Still looking for it…
  • La France solidaire, le gouvernement en colère: “French are in solidarity with each other, the government is angry“. These two lines were written on a garbage can, probably following the latest demonstrations.
  • Saccage ta ville, annihile ta cage: “destroy your city, destroy your cage“. This was written on a wall in one of Nantes’ poshest district.
  • Demonstration against a new airport: flyers were found everywhere when people in Nantes opposed against the construction of a new airport.

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