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Rebel France IV

Walls are talking in France!

And here is the last part of this year’s “hunting graffitis in France”. As usual, the translation is below.

French Political Graffitis

  • Passons à l’offensive sans attendre” (“let’s take the offensive now“): a sticker found on the University of Nantes campus. They were on strike for a long time, I assume this is related.
  • BDDP Unlimited — Producteur d’idées et de médias“: I found this graffiti in Paris, near Barbès. The company, BDDP Unlimited (probably an advertising company) advertised they were “producing ideas and medias“. Somebody ironically wrote below: “in a word, a continuous flow of ideas… tell me I’m dreaming!“. And someone else added: “canned intelligence, probably…“.
  • Signs nearby the Paris City Hall: universities teachers, researchers, staffs and students have been on strike for a while, against a umpteen university reform. Can’t explain the details, it’s very technical… anyway, as a sign a protest, they covered the City Hall with various banners, including some in Chinese and English to explain why they protest. They also walk in circle night and day (see their blog, La Ronde Infinie Des Obstinés).
  • Moi, c’est le geste qui m’intéresse” (“I’m only interested in the gesture“): I found this sign on the top of a very high wall. I had to squint to read… and I found it funny. The artist didn’t wanted to share his wisdom or his opinions like many of the graffitis writer, he just stuck a big sheet of paper on top of the wall.

That’s it!

We are back in Ottawa, it’s almost spring and… and I should sleep now.

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