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Messy and Meaty Ottawa RibFest Event on Sparks Street

Last weekend was busy. On Saturday, I dreamed I was cleaning the house and on Saturday, I actually did—amazingly, the household chores weren’t completed magically in my sleep. I also stocked up the fridge and put new art on the wall.

My mother and my brother are visiting from France and arrived on Sunday. The first time I’m having visitors from overseas! I guess this is long overdue.

On our way to pick them up at Montreal Airport, we stopped by the Rib Fest on Sparks Street. I’m not a huge fan of meat but I can have a pulled pork sandwich once a year—and boy, this one was good! The street was packed and smoky but I loved the atmosphere. The city is alive after all!

Their flight from Paris was delayed and going through immigration took quite a while, so we paced the arrivals hall. I was just anxious they had missed the plane or that something had gone wrong. Mother hen, that’s me. But they made it through and we eventually spotted each other in the crowd of French people. Four flights of four different airlines had landed in Montreal, it sounded and felt like being in Paris.

On the drive back home, my family discovered Tim Hortons’ coffee (the closest stop to the airport) and spotted vanity licence plates and pickup trucks. A first taste of North America, I guess.

We Accept Cash
Rib Fest on Sparks Street
Piggy Trophy
Piggy Trophies
Uncle Sam is watching You Eat!
Protect Yourself With A Smith & Wesson
Cooking Ribs
Cooking Ribs
Cooking Ribs
Cooking Ribs
Cooking Ribs
Feng’s Fingers After The Feast

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