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Sailing the Turkish Coastline on a Luxury Yacht

If you are looking for authenticity, sunny weather, peaceful atmosphere, exceptional hospitality, and amazing food, then you should choose Turkey as your next extravagant summer destination. The best way to explore the wonders this mysterious country is by renting a luxury yacht with a smaller group of family or closest friends, where you would be able to relax, enjoy and get away from heavy crowds. Turkey as the tourist destination is getting more recognized and its gaining reputation for its classic beauty in recent few years, and that comes as no surprise.

This prestige heterogeneous country has many elements that have been derived from the cultures of West Asia and Central Asian region and to some degree, Eastern European. Modern Turkey has created a noble dynamic cultural blend of east and west. Her coastline is filled with mountains, hills, valleys, and impeccable pristine nature dotted with historic monuments ideal for sailing in comfort of a yacht.

The coastal regions also have a typical Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters ideal for sail holidays. You can expect many marvellous sunny days with low chances of bad weather, especially in the high summer season. The sea temperature here is warm but still refreshing and at some places, it doesn’t fall below 19 °C during the whole year! You could say that when it comes to the weather, it can’t get better than this.


Furthermore, the Turkish Riviera also got a popular nickname the Turquoise Coast since holds some of the greatest beaches in the world and crystal-clear waters. You will be captivated by the beauty of the sea that changes in many shades of turquoise during the day. This coastal region and its beaches are calm, serene and beautiful, ideal for relaxing summer holiday. Usually, there are no big waves which make these beaches great for swimming, snorkelling, and families with young kids too. Usually, beaches are framed by magnificent landscapes of mountains and provide shelter from strong winds. Sun loungers are often free of charge, and you can spend the whole day enjoying in the sea and find some rest in beach cafés if desired. But also simply jumping off the boat in private bays is even greater fun for those looking for privacy and less crowded places. You can also stay active by using various watersports, or glamorous features like jacuzzi or spa on deck available on your luxury yacht.

Besides natural beauty and wonders, Turkey is also a great destination for a luxury sailing since it offers the best value for your money. In Turkey, the yacht market is very big and competitive, which naturally resulted in a very large number of yachts available. So there you can truly get some amazing value for your money when booking a luxury yacht, without sparing on any important details. Additionally, when booking luxury yacht you are truly guaranteed with amazing high-quality standards no matter if we are speaking about the food, crew, boat itself, or overall service. Everything is tailored according to your preferences and organized in a way that you don’t miss a thing during the whole unforgettable sailing experience.

Once your day of departure comes closer, your cruise will begin in one of the striking cities of your choice depending on your tailored route plan. Once you arrive in style to your yacht, via organized private transfers, you will be pleasantly welcomed on board by a friendly and professional crew. After you get to know each other well and you explore the yacht layout and choose your cabin, you can join crew back on deck for welcome drinks and appetizers. The crew on board usually consist of an experienced captain, personal chef, hostesses, and sailors, and they will be at your disposal at all times providing 24/7 personal high-end service. A lot of effort on Turkey luxury cruises is put on the satisfaction and safety of clients so you will be treated with extraordinary care and provide with the VIP treatment in every way possible.

The possibilities when it comes to this type of exquisite holidays are endless! You will get a chance to enjoy delicious food surrounded by the sea and mesmerizing coast, spend nights in calm bays surrounded by magnificent nature, relax under the sun and swim in a coastal paradise. History lovers can explore numerous ancient ruins and sites, while others can have fun with various water toys, or explore dainty local shops, bars, and restaurants with lovely people of Turkey.

When the last day of the cruise arrives you will say goodbye to the lovely crew that worked so passionately to provide us with the best experience. In case you have some time to spare before the flight back home, you can explore the town you are in a bit more.

Overall, this experience will allow you to discover the country in a completely new and unique way. You’ll taste wonderful food, appreciate differences in cultures, history, and archaeology. If you love a bit of adventure and want unique holidays in style and luxury of a beautiful yacht, you will absolutely love this holiday!