Seven Random Facts

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2321411594_c8643cec12_mOuch, been tagged! Zunnur of A Little Time asked me to complete the now famous “seven things about me” meme. Okay, let’s go:

My little Coke addiction: I don’t mind the odd cup of coffee but I have never got addicted. That said, I need some caffeine to start my day… so I usually have a can of Diet Coke (or Coke Zero), while everyone else is sipping Starbucks. I drink about two cans a day along with a lot of mint tea.

Ooops… I did it again: When I first came to Canada, I signed up on a few French-speaking immigrants forums. Problem was, most French people move to Quebec and I was almost the only one living in what Quebecers call “the ROC” (for “Rest Of Canada“). The two main forums had pretty strong views on Canada. One basically thought Canada was the worse place on earth while France was soooo much better, while the other one strongly emphasized on the evil of English-speaking provinces and was basically a Quebec separatist recruitment center. I was banned from both forums within months. But I had a lot of fun arguing with stupid people!

A former vegetarian: as a teen, I had stopped eating meat. Not because I wanted to be nice to animals, but mostly because I found it gross. I stopped being a vegetarian when studying in China… I mean, why live on tofu and spinach with rice when you can have 北京烤鸭 (Beijing Duck)? When traveling, food is food. Period. I just drew the line at pig’s intestine.

My eye: I’m blind in my left eye — I can see light, shapes and movements with this eye, and that’s about it. I was born like that. It doesn’t really bother me since I can see, drive (even if I’m not the best driver), and generally speaking live just fine. I just can’t see 3D movies — not a major thing. Besides, all geniuses have fucked up eyes: Thom Yorke, me, David Bowie, me etc.

We don’t need no education: In high school, I was good at French, history, foreign languages etc. but I sucked at maths and science in general. So I decided to stop attending these classes. Why even bother? I was well-known for skipping classes I didn’t like and being pretty honest about it (“Zhu didn’t attend the class yesterday because she didn’t feel like it“/ “Zhu figured she could use extra-time to sleep, so she didn’t come on the first two Monday morning classes” etc.).

Nervous, moi?: when I’m thinking of just bored, I twist my hair. Like right now. Oh well. I least, I don’t bit my nails.

Please, hold the line: I have just bought my first cell phone a week ago. So far, I had one incoming call: myself calling from home, just to check the cell phone was working fine. It does. Maybe I should just start giving my friends the new phone number. But how about I try to figure out how to answer a call first? And how to write text messages? And how to shut off the phone? Damn, I’m only 25 years old but I feel old…

Since I don’t like to suffer alone, here are the bloggers I tag:

Have fun!


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. Eh, you’re not missing much with the 3D movies. The ones I’ve seen aren’t very good. I think Jaws 3 was in 3D, but the sequels to the original aren’t worth watching in any dimensional viewpoint.

    Tara’s last blog post..Zap!

  2. Having been reading your blog for some times now, I think the only thing that I didn’t really know about already (aside from the hair twirling – that’s so girly!) is your eye. How the hell do you drive with one eye!?

    *remembers to stay off the roads in Ottawa*

    Email me your phone number, I’ll txt you now and again. 😛

    Ghosty’s last blog post..Four (Damn Meme) Things

  3. Fantastic Seven Zhu 😛 I love the peking duck too HIGH FIVE!!!

    I have a gf who is ‘addicted’ to Coke too with plenty of ice…I’ll think of you when she sips her coke now hehehe..

  4. Good to know you. Didn’t know anyone could be a former vegetarian, because the vegans that I know are so proud of their accomplishment.

    Oh, by the way, a while back I did tag you for a “Blego” meme but you didn’t respond, so I assumed you don’t like memes. Since I saw this one from you, I thought I’d give you a nudge and give Blego a try. 😉

    Rudy’s last blog post..Good People Day 2008

  5. Thanks for the link love, ya crazy, artistic, half blind, argumentative, Mandarin-speaking, taffy-loving, pacifist, French leftie, Canuck immigrant chick!

    Ya tagged me?! Holy sh*t! How can I follow that? 🙂

    Layne (aka Reward Rebel)’s last blog post..How To Add A Favicon

  6. I used to be in those religious fanatics forums and was enjoying much debating with those non-sensical holier-than thou idiots! I’ve stopped doing so now as I do not want my poor head to be chopped off by them one day! 😛

    I’m 1.5 years vegetarian. Doing fine now. Well, are there any vegetarian restaurants in Canada? Are they easy to find? I’m sometimes bemused by those Western restaurants which serve fish and seafood yet call themselves ‘vegetarian’!

    kyh’s last blog post..Ashop Commerce

  7. Hi Zhu, I’ve not been here for a while, but it seems there was a great improvement :smile:; unfortunately, it makes it much more dificult to me to get around. Stupid fellow… 😥
    Miss your comments at Blogtrotter, where I’m still strolling around Bilbao, but now I understand how busy you have been in your new domain! Look forward to reading you back there!
    Have a great weekend!

    Trotter’s last blog post..CASCO VIEJO

  8. LOL about your cell phone and the only call being from you. If it wasn’t for my 13 year old daughter, I wouldn’t have a clue how to use mine either, or my camera, or my computer lol.
    Those Quebecers can be snooty huh? I’ve been learning about my Quebec side of my family (my dads side) they came from France and settled in Quebec.
    Thanks for the tag…I’m off to do my 7 things 🙂

    Tanya’s last blog post..Taking a Break

  9. Now I learned something about you. I didn’t realize you have a blindness on one of your eyes, but yes, you’re not missing much with the 3D movies. I tried closing one of my eyes for a while, never realized that having both lets one see the depth perception (I’m not really good in anatomy).

    And yes, I am an on-again-off-again vegetarian. It depends on the year I guess, one year I will abstain from meat, the other year I will eat them.

    And I am with you with the phone thing. I cannot understand people buying very sophisticated phones, phones with cameras, phones with Internet, phones with vacuum cleaners, phones with seat-ejecting devices, whatsoever. For me, a phone is simply a phone, a device for placing calls. If I want a camera, I will buy a camera. Not a phone with a camera. Besides, I want superb-quality pictures, and one can only shoot photos from a phone as long as the small lens is working, based on its capacity.

    Linguist-in-Waiting’s last blog post..Mefaxed

  10. @Tara – I heard that… I actually went to see a couple of 3D movies (like the last Harry Potter where the end is 3D) and it was hilarious to see the other people all wooing and touching the air… while I couldn’t see the thing! 😆

    @Ghosty – How do I drive with one eye? I just make sure the good one is opened! 😆

    No, seriously, it’s not a big deal nor there is a huge difference, especially I’m so used to it. I just turn my head a bit more I guess…

    @shionge – Oh, Beijing duck… hope we can have one together one day!

    @Rudy – Let’s just say I’m a vegetarian turned meat eater! 😉

    For the memes… I get tagged quite a lot and can’t complete all the assignments unfortunately. Your came right when I was leaving to France, so I didn’t have a chance, sorry about that. You’re under no obligation for this meme… It’s just a link to blogs I like as well!

    @Art – Really? What’s your eye problem?

    @Layne (aka Reward Rebel) – Ah, do your best… no obligations! I can’t do all the memes I get tagged for either, so no worries! Take it as link love 😉

    @kyh – Oh, I love these debates… haven’t quited these yet! :mrgreen:

    I know, people sometimes seem to think as long as they don’t eat raw red meat, they are vegetarian. Yeah, right.

    @Trotter – Yeah, sorry for not being there much… I was actually traveling in France last month and didn’t have much time to read blogs. But I’m back now! 😉

    @Tanya – And I’m only 25 years old! My youngest brother is so much better at these tech things…

    I always argue with “true” Quebecers. Too much politics killed the relationship between English and French…

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – Yeah, you need two eyes for depth perception. That said, when you don’t have to eyes, your brain is trained to see other clues, like the size of objects to judge distances etc. But for 3D movies, you really need two eyes.

    My phone actually has a camera… even thought if was the cheapest phone. Haven’t tried it yet.

    @johnada – No time limit on memes! That’s the beauty of it.

    @durano lawayan – I know, I’m sorry, I actually thought a meme was hard for you to fit in… but I couldn’t resist, plus you get a link for being such a faithful reader! 😉 You don’t have to do the meme if it’s irrelevant in your theme, it’s okay!

  11. 🙄 hey Zhu!!!!!
    Haha I first laught 😀 when I red your comment, horse do not feel the cold so do not worry about them ,but its sweet from you to say that!
    No I won’t forget you but my internet was not working (switched modem last week) and that is not so nice, now I canreact on all the comments, so I red some more about you my friend, that you are blind in 1 eye, I could not see that on the photo from you , drug addicted to coffee?, yeh me too… Dear Zhu please take care of yourself, I am so glad I found your blog i am really interested in you and your life in Canada, take care and happy 🙂 days and weekend! From your friend in Holland, JoAnn

    JoAnn D Eyes Holland (loves music!)’s last blog post..Luxemburg part 7: SKY Watch

  12. I think it’s great that you can drive with one good eye but I’m a bit perplexed. I thought that they would be strict about things like that before giving driving licences to people in Canada.

    aline’s last blog post..Onion rings

  13. I don’t have a cell phone anymore but when I did ppl were always trying to get me to text them and I just hated doing it. I never got used to it, was never good enough or fast enough to do it and it used to make me mad to get text messages from others b/c I knew they’d expect me to write back 😆

    Lisa’s last blog post..What punctucation mark are you?

  14. Hey girl, keep an eye on the cell phone! Before long you will be mp3ing, texting, emailing and maybe even blogging… and of course using the phone if you wish to speak with someone.

    Beaverboosh’s last blog post..Maasai Marathon

  15. Hi Zhu,

    I was tagged for the same 7 random facts sometime in January this year and it wasn’t really a problem. The reason why I said “How do I fit That in” was in reference to my scheduled posts for the rest of the week.

    So, I simply linked it to the previous meme and it doesn’t bother the posts about transgenic rice, American surveys, and the one for Sunday.

    It’s done, and I have addressed it to you, with your photo on top! LOL! 🙂 –Durano, done!

    durano lawayan’s last blog post..The Spitter’s Seven Stories

  16. Oh boy I’m late to be here, sorry for that, Zhu. Its good getting to know you better through this tag. That 2 cans of coke per day is quite scary, but I think its still okay compared to 2 boxes of cigarettes 🙂
    You must be a tough person to be banned from BOTH the forums 🙂
    I never had a cell phone until someone gave me one. Before that, my friends thought that I was stingy to buy one, when actually I didn’t have it because I didn’t need it. Its quite surprising to see some people who keep changing their cell phone often.

    Thanks for participating in this meme Zhu.

    zunnur’s last blog post..Blogs – rubbish or effective weapons?

  17. This blog impresses me so much. I am not lying!

    I also need to add that the flickr photos are very nice. I’ve been to some of those places and took some photos as well but my shots are not even close to the quality of your work.


    What’s in Manila’s last blog post..SHOPPING TIPS

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