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Seven Random Facts

2321411594_c8643cec12_mOuch, been tagged! Zunnur of A Little Time asked me to complete the now famous “seven things about me” meme. Okay, let’s go:

My little Coke addiction: I don’t mind the odd cup of coffee but I have never got addicted. That said, I need some caffeine to start my day… so I usually have a can of Diet Coke (or Coke Zero), while everyone else is sipping Starbucks. I drink about two cans a day along with a lot of mint tea.

Ooops… I did it again: When I first came to Canada, I signed up on a few French-speaking immigrants forums. Problem was, most French people move to Quebec and I was almost the only one living in what Quebecers call “the ROC” (for “Rest Of Canada“). The two main forums had pretty strong views on Canada. One basically thought Canada was the worse place on earth while France was soooo much better, while the other one strongly emphasized on the evil of English-speaking provinces and was basically a Quebec separatist recruitment center. I was banned from both forums within months. But I had a lot of fun arguing with stupid people!

A former vegetarian: as a teen, I had stopped eating meat. Not because I wanted to be nice to animals, but mostly because I found it gross. I stopped being a vegetarian when studying in China… I mean, why live on tofu and spinach with rice when you can have 北京烤鸭 (Beijing Duck)? When traveling, food is food. Period. I just drew the line at pig’s intestine.

My eye: I’m blind in my left eye — I can see light, shapes and movements with this eye, and that’s about it. I was born like that. It doesn’t really bother me since I can see, drive (even if I’m not the best driver), and generally speaking live just fine. I just can’t see 3D movies — not a major thing. Besides, all geniuses have fucked up eyes: Thom Yorke, me, David Bowie, me etc.

We don’t need no education: In high school, I was good at French, history, foreign languages etc. but I sucked at maths and science in general. So I decided to stop attending these classes. Why even bother? I was well-known for skipping classes I didn’t like and being pretty honest about it (“Zhu didn’t attend the class yesterday because she didn’t feel like it“/ “Zhu figured she could use extra-time to sleep, so she didn’t come on the first two Monday morning classes” etc.).

Nervous, moi?: when I’m thinking of just bored, I twist my hair. Like right now. Oh well. I least, I don’t bit my nails.

Please, hold the line: I have just bought my first cell phone a week ago. So far, I had one incoming call: myself calling from home, just to check the cell phone was working fine. It does. Maybe I should just start giving my friends the new phone number. But how about I try to figure out how to answer a call first? And how to write text messages? And how to shut off the phone? Damn, I’m only 25 years old but I feel old…

Since I don’t like to suffer alone, here are the bloggers I tag:

Have fun!

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