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Seven Things About Myself

zhu.jpgOne tag is easy enough to postpone: thank the blogger and “forget” (**hey, I’m kidding, don’t un-suscribe!**). But how do you do when you’re cornered by both France and Canada? Froogiewoogie (author of Tales From My Planet) and Chrissie (author of Rags & Rouges Style Tips) both tagged me for the 7 things meme, where I have to “share 7 random or weird things about myself“.

Sorry guys, but given the well-known power of both countries, I have to obey. I’m left with no choice. Phew. I have to be funny, original and witty. Can I do that on my first week back to work after the holidays? Not sure…

Let’s try anyway. And before you asked. yeah, that’s me in the picture and no, I wasn’t drunk.

  • I have a total of ten piercings: yes, ten. Four in each ear, a small stud in my right nostril and a ring in my navel (which I rarely show). I had them all done when I was a teen and it wasn’t a rebellious thing. I just found it pretty. Never had a problem with any of my piercing, they all healed well and I never regretted it.
  • I love my hair: I have really thick and kind of curly hair, which never tangled. I never do brushings (don’t have the patience for that…) just cut it once in a while, and it’s fine. I had always thought it was my best feature.
  • I buy way to many beauty products: shoes, nah, shopping, maybe… but anytime for beauty products. I love trying new creams, new masks, exfoliating stuffs, bubble baths… And I have a big bag full of samples I keep for when I travel.
  • I’m very very picky with paperworks and bills: I’m this annoying person who pay the credit card bill two weeks before it’s due. I have a pink folder for my pay stubs/ resume/ references, a blue one dedicated to Canada Revenue Agency and a green one for all my bank statement and credit card bills. And I’m considering buying a red folder for my occasional French paperwork.
  • I was born on Spring day: that’s right, March 21st! Although I rarely get to enjoy real spring on my birthday in Canada…
  • I clearly remember a few 20th century events: like the fall of the Berlin Wall. I was only 6 years old in 1989 at the time, but I remember my parents hearing the news on a small radio, and explaining them to me. I had heard of the Berlin Wall before, but I had always thought it was a metaphor, like grown-ups used all the time, not an actual wall… I was shocked when I saw it on TV. Kids are innocent…
  • I upgraded to WordPress 2.3 last week-end: it was long overdue but I was afraid I might screw up something. I was so proud of me when everything went fine I bragged about it all night in what Feng calls “my geek language” (“and I logged into Cpanel, and then I backed up my database and… honey, are you listening?”). Hey, don’t judge me, I’m sure you’re the same!

Okay, for this meme, I’d like to tag a few bloggers I read quite often but don’t know that well:

Have fun!

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