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Sights of Paris (Part I)

After London, Paris. Don’t hate me for saying it, but at first sight, it felt like going from Peru to Bolivia.

I have never liked Paris. Go ahead, call me a little spoiled French girl, I’m used to it. Saying you don’t like Paris usually makes you get hate look from people who are dreaming to visit the city of lights, and it brings contempt from other French people. They shrug at me, saying: «oui mais bon… c’est Paris quand même !».

I’ve been to Paris a thousand of times, as a tourist, a concert-goer, and a student. The only way I can stand the city for more than a few days is by going full tourist mode. In fact, most of the time, I just pretend I don’t speak French. Parisians see me as an idiot but a foreign idiot, so it’s not as bad in their eyes.

My main issue with Paris is that life is very difficult there. Accommodation is crazy expensive and so are the subway (€1.70 per ride!), food in general and tickets to various attraction. The city is dirty — very dirty. You remember me praising the London tube? Well, in Paris we rode packed subway with no air-con and people puking around us. Seriously.

I think that Paris is resting on its laurels. Because “it’s Paris”, because there are so many sights and because the city was once beautiful and famous, people visit it anyway. Yet locals don’t try to make it welcoming and everything is overpriced. Only in Paris one star hotels at the 7th floor of an old building with toilets outside the room cost €50.00 per night. Only in Paris a sandwich is €10 and a bottle of water as much as €4. And people suck it up — because it’s Paris.

Never mind. I’ll stop bitching and I’ll leave you with the best sights!

You can follow our French trip here on Flickr: France (2010).

Place Charles de Gaulle
I Love Paris
Arche de Triomphe
Les Champs-Élysées
Shopping at Dior (not me!)
Avenue Montaigne
Detail of Pavement
In a Café
Banks of the Seine River
In a Small Coffee Shop

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