Picture of the Week: Slush

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Flooded Intersection, The Glebe, Ottawa, March 2012

The weather has been very strange for the past few days. We had snow, blizzard, very strong winds, warmer temperatures, hail, drifting snow and then cold temperatures. This resulted in dirty snow banks and some slush.

Trust me, there is nothing more beautiful than a fresh coat of snow but there is nothing worse than slush. The slurry mixture of ice, water and dirt blocks drains and piles up on sidewalks. It makes walking around an adventure.

I don’t mind walking in the snow, although much like walking on the sand, it can be tiring. But I do hate getting my feet wet or worse, getting splashed by a car!


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  1. Reminds me of one my most hilarious incidents. I was walking down this street on a rainy day, talking on the phone. There was a fairly large size puddle coming up on the road which I didn’t notice. A car zipped by splashing all that water, it rose as high as my face and some even went into my mouth 🙁

    I kept spitting and washing my mouth that evening!

  2. That is what I disliked a lot in Canada, plus you cannot wear normal rainboots since it’s usually too cold and my feet used to get very cold!

  3. Hi Zhu,
    It doesn’t snow enough in my part of France to experience slush. But, it is not hard to imagine half melted or all melted snow leftovers.
    I like reflexions in puddles like the picture on top :).

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