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Why I Find Small Towns, U.S.A, Absolutely Fascinating

The grass is always greener on the other side.

I grew up in a fairly large city, with a population of just under 300,000. I now live in Ottawa, which has a population of about 1 million. I’m a city girl. I like the neon lights at night, I enjoy wandering between tall buildings, I love busy skyline and being anonymous in the crowd.

Yet I always wonder what living in a small town feels like. Do people feel safe and protected? Or is the atmosphere oppressive? Do people take great pleasure in visiting the same stores over and over again? Do they yearn for more diversity, a change in their daily routine?

Every time we go to the U.S., we drive through dozens of small towns. Some have a main street (usually aptly named Main Street) while others are just a cluster of houses. The cost of living is usually fairly low and small businesses are busy. There are true gems to be found, authentic bakeries and local restaurants, a nice break from the ubiquitous franchises that seem to be everywhere these days. And don’t you love these classic movie theatres? They are much cheaper than the huge Cineplex that stinks of popcorn!

When we went to Lake Placid, we stopped everywhere to get gas, buy drinks, have lunch or just take a break and enjoy the scenery. We were in St Regis Falls, Paul Smiths, Saranac Lake, Canton, and Potsdam—the last two towns located close to each other, no wonder some Americans find world geography challenging!

Small towns, U.S.A.… another aspect of the country.

Court Street, Sheriff Office in Canton
Just Too Many Signs!
American Theater, Canton
Career Opportunities in Finger Printing?
Canton Post Office
In God We Trust
Christian Bookstore
Nearby Paul Smiths
Nearby Paul Smiths
Tupper Lake Fair
St Regis Falls
American Pride in Saranac Lake
New York Style Cheesecake
Cream Cheese and Salmon Bagel
Cheap Parking in Potsdam
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