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Smells Like Spring…

It might be spring. Or not. We can never really be sure in Canada…

The last couple of weeks, it was about 25ºC and sunny. The snow finally melted but the first few days were weird: we were walking around wearing summer clothes and in sandals… in the snowy streets.

But the last couple of days were cold, averaging 0-5ºC. I really hope that wasn’t the end of the summer…. Meanwhile, I took some pictures of spring in Ottawa.

1 2

The city looks good in the bright sunshine, but the river by Parliament Hill was pretty flooded (yeah, trees usually grow on the ground… not in water…).

3 4

The nice sunsets are back… we caught a couple lately.

5 6

The Ottawa river was flooded: it overflowed a bit and some paths had to be close. Unusually high snow falls this winter (almost 5 meters of snow in total!) and warm temperatures didn’t help. Nothing too severe though.

7 8

It was pretty amazing too see so much non frozen water.

9 10

Still, it’s spring. And it’s nice.

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