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Picture of the Week: Snow Melting

Snow Melting on the Driveway, Ottawa, December 2011

So far, we have had two snowfalls. Nothing dramatic for December, really. And both times, the snow melted almost right away, leaving seasoned Canadians relieved and new Canadians (like Anaïs and Lily!) hoping for more.

I used to be very excited to see snow but the novelty ran out after two of three winters here. The first snowfall is often beautiful and it’s weird to see the city blanketed in white—the change of scenery is brutal, especially when it’s very cold and snow does stay on the ground. But Canada’s harsh winters can also be a pain, a hindrance to everyday life. Indeed, snow is beautiful when you are cozy at home, sipping a hot chocolate wrapped in a blanket with a good book. On the other side, commuting to work, going grocery shopping or simply getting out of the house becomes a challenge.

Every year, OCTranspo seems to discover it operates in a city where snow is a reality of life from December to April. Canadians, usually polite and natural behind the wheel, get completely confused and accidents are to be expected. We are all affected by the weather.

But for now, no more snow. We’ll see what this winter will brings us.

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