Snow Sculptures And Winter Fun

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More winter fun! We went on Quebec side last week-end (and it was snowing, and it was about –20C…) to see the Winterlude snow sculptures. At least, we weren’t disappointed.

In Ontario, we have relatively small ice sculptures, but in Quebec, they were made of snow… and huge! Granted we had quite a lot of snow this year so building material was cheap.

Oh, and in case you asked… yes, I tried the ice slide and trust me, it’s faster than it looks!

In Front of the Art

In Front of the Art

Snow House

Snow House

Nunavut In Your Hand

Nunavut In Your Hand

Funny Men

Funny Men

Snow Sculptures

Snow Sculptures

Snow Horse

Snow Horse

Crooked Stairs

Crooked Stairs

Ye Olde Time

Ye Olde Time


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  1. Whoa! Oh My GOSH!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes Zhu and this is paradise to me ya 😀 Thank you for sharing…how darn..sorry I miss Quebec last Nov 🙁

  2. hehe! I always have problems to find the comment spot…. rrrgh but found it! inter there ehh? I love the snow, so wonderfull and clean (still now haha!) You gae agreat impression of the surrounding ZHU and I love your ‘adventures” and you blog, thanks for sharing,


    TO YOU AND YOUR (far away?) FAMILY

    JoAnn D-eyes/NL

    Through JoAnn’s D-Eyes NL’s last blog post..HAPPY VALENTINE

  3. Great pics! (Forgive me if this is the second post…technical difficulties)

    Gary’s last blog post..”Meet The Parents, Shanghai Style” Part V: Lessons and Marching Orders

  4. Some of them are really intricate! I love the one of the house and the one below it (of the joker?); the artists are very skilled!

    But I dont want to be anywhere close to ice and cold any longer. I want some sun now! And we are finally getting some in PUne now. 😀

    Shantanu’s last blog post..Newsweek on Culinary Tokyo

  5. Oh wow! Those sculptures are amazing! It’s like you’re in a fantasy land! I can’t decide which one I like best, maybe the window with the things inside? Or the dwarf with some scarf flowing from its mouth?

    Linguist-in-Waiting’s last blog post..Frozen Fun

  6. @Art – I guess we still have a few weeks (months??) before they melt. It’s pretty cold right now…

    @shionge – You’ll be back I’m sure! Canada in winter is something to experience, but it’s tough on you after a while.

    @Inga Encinas – Happy Valentine’s day too! Don’t you have these in your town/city?

    @princesse ecossaise – I should have added they were not mine :mrgreen: I know, it’s nice eh? And they are huuuge!

    @Through JoAnn’s D-Eyes NL – Living in Canada has its benefits! We try to enjoy winter time as much as we can 😉

    @Gary – Ajax comments sometimes have a life on their own… I just deleted one comment 😉 You should go to Harbin see the real big ones!

    @Shantanu – They are real piece of art! Winter is fun, but to be honest, I long for the summer too…

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – I think the one which won the competition is the two hands with the Nunavut symbol in it. I must admit I left before the end of the votes… I was freezing!

    @Theresa – Each sculpture represents a province, and most of time, the North wins… I guess it’s fair, they have a lifelong training up there!

    @SilverNeurotic – Canadian artists!

    @johnada – I actually forced my students to make them while reciting conjugation. It’s a new teaching method. And yes, we can all go to TO and make something in your backyard. Like a huge US flag for example?

  7. Holy cow, what have I been missing! Amazing, I’ve never seen anything quite like that before … but why does no one use food coloring to color the snow sculptures there? Maybe that’s just a New England thing?

    Ghosty’s last blog post..The Advancement of Culture

  8. I’ve always been impressed by the talents of ice artists. Thank you for the pictures.
    Also, congratulations for the new look of your blog, I LOVE it. Just, I miss your drawings but I’m sure you’ll make some more for the pleasure of our eyes.

    FroggyWoogie’s last blog post..Not there yet but it shouldn’t be long

  9. The sculptures are amazing! 😀
    I want to try the slide too. 😛

    aline’s last blog post..Just another (Valentine’s) day

  10. The four of us went to Ottawa and saw those snow sculptures. They were great, as usual – my favourite was the big skate – but I was disappointed because they only had a few! One for each province, I believe, at Jacques Cartier Park. When I lived in Ottawa, there used to be around a hundred, all done by different community organizations and groups of employees. They used to cover Dow’s Lake with them, and you could skate around and look at them all. I wonder why they stopped doing that?

    Oh well, I should just enjoy the fact that there are any at all, I suppose. All the comments from your jealous readers are reminding me of that!

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