Snow, Snow, Snow… And More Snow

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Don’t get me wrong, I love Canada. Like, we get wonderful sunsets: I took these a couple of days ago:

Winter Sunset Winter Sunset
Winter Sunset Winter Sunset

We already had a big snow storm a couple of weeks ago. And now, this morning, I woke up to that:

Looking At The Window

Looking At The Window

Trying To Open The Door

Trying To Open The Door

Yeah… Fortunately, I wasn’t working today. However, how am I supposed to get out?

Lots of Snow

Lots of Snow

Gonna Shovel!

Gonna Shovel!

The true Canadian way I guess. I grabbed the shovel and started digging a way out:

Digging Trenches

Digging Trenches

Life Goes On!

Life Goes On!

I managed to dig my way out and get the mail. Beautiful trenches, isn’t it? However, there’s not way I can shovel the driveway and back out with the car… there’s at least 60 cm of snow. The snow banks on the side of the road are almost a meter high! So I’m home, on the coach and I watch the blizzard.

We’re hoping someone will help us shovel tonight with a car. Another 20 cm of snow is expected tomorrow… Wish me luck to go to work!


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  1. Enjoy your forced rest as you’re stuck home. At least you can feed your blog. You could even write a post in French and asked to be paid for it are those are very educative little pieces of jewel.
    Oh and, get some Tylenol tablets are your back is going to be ouchy with all the shovelling.

    FroggyWoogie’s last blog post..VERY important question

  2. we had some snow in seattle, and i was a bit nervous.

    I am not use to snow…i’m used to warm sunny weather in los angeles…the change is hard on me…now it’s raining…i’m more used to that.

    sir jorge’s last blog post..No More Ads?Kind of?

  3. Well i guess the grass i always greener on the other side. If I were you I would be praying for a few load more. Have every built my snowman yet 😕

  4. GREAT pics!! I hate the I’m glad it’s at your place and not mine;)

    P.S….My computer is officially fixed! Back to regular reading and posting!

    Lori’s last blog post..Our Christmas Tree

  5. Oh, by the way….you have some cute changes to your site! I love it!!!!! Wish I knew how to add different things like you did:)

    Lori’s last blog post..Our Christmas Tree

  6. Ha! That’s almost as bad as it was in Denver last year. It was the biggest snowstorm I’d ever seen in my life. I have pictures of it buried somewhere (I did have to dig two cars out of the snow with a shovel but on the STREET, not the driveway). It was worse for me because the house I lived in was on a north-facing hill and across the street from a school with not much to stop the wind and blowing snow. Nasty.

    Todd’s last blog post..Book Review: The Briar King

  7. You live in CANADA. You’re surprised by this?!?

    Heheh … sure wish I could get snowed in. All we get is rain … but then, if Baltimore gets 2″ of snow, the whole city shuts down. Bizarre. I laughed at them last year for it, too.

    Ghosty’s last blog post..The Golden Compass

  8. Hi ZHU!

    What a wonderfull sunsets!!! Yes they are really great, but eeehhhhh how do you go to your work, with all that snow???? My aunt and cousin ( living in Canada too) need to shovel half an hour before they can drive by car to their work. How about you??? 🙄 I HELP YOU SHOVEL ZHU!! ❗

    I showed today something really DUTCH, we celebrate it mostly for the children a “Sinterklaas” 🙂 evening with presents and sweet candies, The Sinterklaas and his helpers are all dressed up for the children, come and see:)

    Greetings see you:) JoAnn 🙂

    Though JOANN’s Digital eyes” from Holland’s last blog post..Happy Sinterklaas!

  9. Froogiewoggie: my back does hurt today actually! 😆 Did you curse me?

    I did stay home… had to go to work today though. I still haven’t shoveled in front of the house, I got home too late, and it’s cold. Oh, and I was lazy 😉

    Kiviniar: Oh I used to dream of snow too… before I came here!

    Todd: wow, must have been something! I think this storm was actually coming from Colorado… thanks Todd! 😉

    Sir Jorge: I think I like snow better than rain – I grew up in a rainy city.

    Lori: just looking at the pic give you a good enough idea I guess! Thanks for the praise… Mostly Photoshop and my drawings 😉

    Ghosty: the last couple of winters were quite mild we didn’t even have snow for Xmas. So yeah, it still surprised me!

    Spyder: want me to send you some?

    Keshi: I don’t even know how to make a snowman! 😆

    Diesel: I’m not liable if you catch a cold!

    Kyh: most mailmen here just drive around… did I mention it was -15C yesterday? 😉

    NorthBayPhoto: Thanks! Always a pleasure to check out your pics!

    Beaverboosh: not exactly! I grew up on the Atlantic coast, never seen snow before I came to Ottawa 😆 I’m fully trained now, though!

    Art: even for Ottawa, that’s a lot in one time.

    Jay Cam: I did in fact get out, but only to get the mail, no further! 😆

    Theresa: exactly my thoughts! Looks great… does get tough when life goes on and you have to go to work etc.

    JoAnn: I didn’t go to work yesterday… most people didn’t. Even for us, that’s a lot of snow!

  10. That’s a lot of snow indeed! Getting to work and back can’t be easy in that weather. But sitting back with a hot drink in front the fireplace would be fun too. 🙂

    BTW, those sunset pictures are fantastic!

  11. Hey Zhu,

    Absolutely gorgeous pics! Although the snow might be a bit of a nuisance, huh?
    I wish you luck for today: I hope you managed to go to work :).

    That sunset is magical 😛 !


    Max Coutinho’s last blog post..Qual cor tradisti?

  12. Brilliant photography.

    I wish I could help you shovel too. To me, it was so much fun when I did it 2 years back. The desert is cooling down as well.

    This traveler is taking another break. Will be in touch upon my return. Have a great holiday season. 🙂

    Celine’s last blog post..Wanderlust

  13. Shantanu: I don’t even have a fireplace…! But I did have hot chocolate 😉

    Chen: come over anytime!

    Max: it is tough to do daily stuffs with that much snow, and walking is a bit tiring considering the sidewalks are very slippery. But that’s Canada!

    Celine: thank you! Snow is a lot of fun… not just everyday 😉

    John: you’re so smart… that’s what I call good parenting: make your kids do whatever you don’t want to do! Can’t wait to experience that! 😆

    Dan: amazing! You can read my mind!

  14. Hi. I live in the UK where we are suffering from the snow at present (2 weeks worth). It’s nowhere near as bad as what you experience in Canada but when the UK get snow the whole country seems to grind to a halt! My son is now into his sixth day off of school in two weeks and it’s driving me mad. How do you Canadians cope and how severe has the weather got to get before they start closing the schools?

    • I don’t have kids myself so I’m not always up-to-date with school closures, but I can tell you it has to be pretty severe. For instance, freezing rain is always dreaded and can be very dangerous: this would be a school closure day.

      When we have a major winter storm (20 cm of snow or more), most schools will close. Or somestimes school buses are canceled and it’s up tp the parents to drive the kids to school.

      That said, because we have so much snow, we are also prepared and various services are quite efficient. For instance, roads are cleared often, snow banks are removed once in a while, trucks put salt on road etc.

      Usually, when there is a big bliazzard, it’s total chaos for a few hours and then it gets better (you can read .

      I’m sure you love your son very much but yes, 6 days out of school can be a bit too much 😆

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