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Some of the most bizarre casino locations in the world

When we normally talk about casinos, it’s the image of huge casino buildings in Macau, Las Vegas, Monaco etc. that immediately come to the mind. Nothing denying the fact that casinos in these places can deliver a thoroughly exciting gaming experience. However, they are not enough when it comes to attracting a certain gambling-tribe which is all about thrill-seeking.

Thrill-seeking gamblers are the kind who love veering away from the convention and cater to their gambling urges at some of the most unusual, bizarre and exotic remote locations of the world. Let’s talk about some such casinos that deliver this type of experience.

Casino Jet Lounge

A creation of Airjet Designs and Designescence, Casino Jet Lounge is in fact the most unique passenger aircraft ever created by the mankind. What sets it apart is that this aircraft is actually a fully functional casino. Travelling inside this aircraft will give you a chance to indulge in some of the best casino games, thousands of kilometres up in the sky! The aircraft is fitted with a bar, and features a good number of casino table games. There is ample space for people to walk around as well! Essentially speaking, it’s a truly unique casino establishment which is a must-try for every adventurous gambler out there.

Resorts World Genting

There is hardly any casino gambler who wouldn’t have heard about the Genting brand name. They own the Resorts World in Pahang, Malaysia, as well as a good number of brick and mortar and online casino businesses. Resorts World Genting in particular is extremely popular for its unique location. It’s based out of the Pahang mountains. The moment you reach there you’ll understand why it has made it to this list!

Constructed 6000 m above the ground level, this casino has a 150 million years old rainforest as its surroundings. Furthermore, the building is situated over 40 minutes travel distance from the closest city.

North Cadbury Court

Tucked away inside a quiet and beautiful village called Yeovil, in Somerset, UK, North Cadbury Court is counted amongst the most extravagant gambling destinations in England. The casino is based in a medieval hall that dates back to 1300s. It comprises of 21 bedrooms as well as a dining hall which can seat 90+ people. Having undergone renovation some time ago, the wine caves in its basement were converted into a top-end underground casino. Other than that, North Cadbury Court comprises a ballroom too, which can comfortably seat up to 150 people.

Desert Cave Hotel

When it comes to the ultimate gambling experience at the remotest of locations, there is nothing that beats the Desert Cave Hotel in Coober Pedy, Australia. The casino space in this facility was carved out from a rocky desert, and therefore provides an incredibly weird gambling experience to everyone who visits here. There are over 15 poker tables in the casino apart from a good number of popular casino games. Situated at a distance of 800+ kilometres from Adelaide, it’s the only casino in the area.