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  1. Salut Zhu!

    Humm…I think the difference is that white frozen stuff at your feet lol! Seriously, you look nice surrounded by all that snow…

    This post was unexpected!


    Max Coutinho’s last blog post..Mr and Mrs Whitepearl

  2. OK, I’ve heard about sudden weather changes but that is totally ridiculous,LOL.

    Oh well, being the ever adapting skillful European that you are you will take this development in your stride and eventually prevail.

    P.S.In the case you don’t prevail send me some cookies so at least not all will be lost , LOL. Yeah I know, I am ‘sentimental’ like that, heh.

    deadpoolite’s last blog post..Blogging my on-line existence away…(a.k.a. Any news from the rest of the Net?)

  3. the difference is you were smiling in the left picture and not in the right! ahh, must be the snow! well, i’d prefer that than just cold rain as we have it right now in the southwest of sweden.

  4. Trotter: oh, I miss summer already! That said, snow is fun too, so I like Canadian weather anyway!

    Lori: have you ever experienced snow? Not in Texas, I bet!

    Spyder: I’m pretty sure these 25 cm are here to stay!

    Froggiewoogie: you won the secret of the French diet! Don’t I look much thinner and smaller in the second pic? Now go market that! 😆

    Dan: Snow for you too? I always tend to forget Northern USA states are cold too! Glad to see you’re back, even if it’s kind of…!

    Theresa: haven’t even had the chance to make a snowman! No doubt I have like 6 months of snow ahead of me for that!

    Pelf: yep! That’s nothing actually, today we got an extra 25cm… 😉

    Aiglee: I think TO doesn’t get as much snow, but you’ll probably see some… it’s fun!

    Itelli: you won… the tree! How should I ship it to you?

    NorthBayPhoto: don’t worry, the snow storm is coming your way! 😉

    Kyh: I actually like snow now, I mean it looks good (and today, 25cm!) but it’s hard to get around. And in Canada, you can’t just call in sick every time it snows, otherwise people would never work!

    Max: and I’m not even cold! See what Canada did to me? I’m cold-proofed now!

    Deadpoolite: it’s called global colding here! 😉 You should see the snow storm, it’s still going on right now, we got 25 cm of snow. It’s nice, but not so practical!

    Kiviniar: yep, lucky indeed! 😉

    MogLi: Exactly! Oh no, not cold rain… here it turns into ice pretty quick and I don’t like staking on sidewalks so much!

  5. The photos were taken one day apart?
    My goodness..
    so much differences…
    such a drastic change of weather !!
    I would thought they were taken few months apart if u didn’t mention it earlier on !!

    Chen’s last blog post..Cheesie Bak Kwa

  6. But of course I notice the different and as a Norwegian, Its looks almost like home you know 🙂

    Wonder why you say NO to 25 cm of snow though LoL

    Btw: Sorry I haven’t bee around lately, but have been rather busy with family matters and traveling. Right now I am in Brussels.

    PS: Congratulation for winning a Norwegian Troll in my second blog anniversary – I’ve wrote you a mail telling how to collect it.

    RennyBA’s last blog post..White Thanksgiving in Oslo

  7. Kelly: amazing, isn’t it?

    Chen: yes, it was actually taken a day apart, and trust me, I was as surprised as you were!

    Jay Cam: I’m sorry, it wasn’t the difference… the jacket is the same, although I forgive you: you’re a guy, right? 😆

    Shantanu: same in France, we don’t get much snow especially where I grew up.

    Itelli: I’ll go to Canada post tomorrow morning, but I’ll leave the tree at home meanwhile (not practical in the bus etc.)

    RennyBA: I know, I was surprised to notice we actually have similar winters… for some reason, I thought Nordic countries were a bit warmer than Canada.

    No problem, enjoy your traveling and keep on posting ! I’ll email you about the troll… I’m so happy I won! 😉

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