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Yay, It’s Finally Spring on the Hill!

The weather is still lovely in Ottawa and most of us try to spend as much time outside as we can—it’s about time we get a tan!

Last weekend, Feng and I took a long walk on Parliament Hill and along the Ottawa River. The Parliament grounds were crowded—the nice weather and the Tulips Festival brought a lot of tourists, mostly from China, India, the U.S. and other Canadian cities.

Funny enough, when we reached the gates of the Parliament, Feng and I realized that we had never taken a “traditional” shot of us in front of the Centre Block. Pretty ironic considering the number of times we’ve been there! So we asked one of the tourists to take us, a good ten years after settling in Ottawa.

From the Parliament, we took the stairs down to the Ottawa River and walked towards Victoria Island, close to Portage Bridge. The view over Gatineau and all the interprovincial bridges was lovely and the path was mercifully quiet—not too many tourists realize there is a path all along the river.

Red Tulips in Front of the Parliament
The Parliament
Tulips and Peace Tower
The Centre Block
Feng and I realized we didn’t have any pictures of us in front of the Parliament, for all the times we’ve been there!
The Centre Block
The Centre Block
Red Tulips and the Peace Tower
Red Tulips and the Urban Jungle
Parliament Hill
The Library and the Centre Block
Gatineau and the Ottawa River
Bridges Between Quebec and Ontario
Bridges Between Quebec and Ontario
Alexandra Bridge
Gatineau, Quebec
Walk by the River
Reflection of the Parliament
In Bloom on the Hill
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