St Lawrence Market

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Toronto’s St Lawrence market reminds me of Ottawa’s Byward market: an oasis of fresh products right in the heart of the city.

Most of the market is nested inside a two-storey brick building, between King Street East and the Esplanade. We went there on Saturday morning, and boy it was busy! About half of Toronto seemed to have gathered around the baker, and the other half was queuing for meat, fish or appetizers, such as fresh olives, red pepper and feta cheese or artichokes. People were on top of each other — but of course in a very Canadian way: politely queuing, apologizing if they stepped on your feet and saying “please” and “thank you”.

However, like at the Byward Market, food isn’t cheap. Fresh products are still okay, but eating from one of the tasty food stall can set you back a few dollars more than you would have expected. Yet, the food is pretty good!

You can see the full set of the pictures taken in Toronto here.

Market Street

Cinnammon Buns

Grabbing Cheese




Meat Shop

Red Pepper and Feta


Sundry Tomatoes and Artichoke


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  1. The market’s busy because the food is nice and fresh unlike some supermarkets I could mention. Good place to meet people and socialize too.

  2. Hiya Zhu, howzit going?

    My old outdoor market got closed down… now most of the markets in London tend to be indoor which isn’t quite the same, though you do get cheap butchers in there…

    btw: Is Toronto deceptively near New York City
    .-= Gledwood´s last blog ..Little Ro-ros… =-.

  3. Hey Zhu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Firstly, I’ve missed you!!!!!

    Secondly, why oh why oh why oh why do you have to post photographs of such delicious foods? You know what I am like when it comes to food. You know I can’t resist nice things to eat. I am sat here now, rolling around with hunger looking at those scrumptious pastries, those olives, all that cheese, those juicy grapes, Feta stuffed peppers, fish and sun-dried tomatoes. Awwwww I am sooooo hungry now!!!!

    I’ve really missed seeing your photographs and reading your posts, I look forward to catching up soon!

    Best wishes ~ You pal always ~ Graham 🙂
    .-= Graham´s last blog ..40 things… 26 months… 1 man! =-.

  4. The ” Market Street” picture looks like an illustration to me, especially the two skyscrapers in the back. The one on the left almost looks like the 101 skyscraper in Taipei! 🙂 Excellent!
    .-= micki´s last blog ..Ximen, Red House =-.

  5. i definitely would be with the half gathered in the bakery section. i love breads and pastries. but i’d certainly check out the fruits and veggies before going home though. the peppers with cheese looks yummy.
    olive bars are pretty popular here too, in california. even safeway has an olive bar. but i hate olives. i used to like them- when i was a girl, i’d wear olives in my fingers.
    the thing about food being expensive… i hate that a veggie sandwich costs as much as one containing meat. it isn’t fair. even in restaurants, when i ask for the chicken pasta with no chicken, they still charge me the same price. sigh.
    .-= Seraphine´s last blog ..On Being Blonde =-.

  6. @Beth – Especially when the weather is nice… you don’t really want at the usual shops, right?

    @Agnes – Sorry 😆

    @Ryan – You are right! Plus, it’s very central. And let’s face it: once you start browsing the food, you get hungry and just want to buy everything!

    @Gledwood – That’s too bad it got closed. Markets are a great alternative to large supermarkets. Products are so much fresher!

    @Graham – It’s goo to see you back blogging, and I love your new blog idea. I’ll be watching you and doing the count down with you! Hell, I may even suggest some items to add on your list 😆

    @Khatia Caroline – I always like taking pictures of signs!

    @micki – I know, it did make me think of it, especially I had just read your post about it. I really like Toronto’s skyline.

    @Sidney – Yes, it’s a fun way to shop.

    @Seraphine – I know! I don’t eat much meat either and I find it unfair veggie options are almost the same price. Seriously, how expensive can eggplants and peppers be???

  7. It’s so interesting to see everything you see in these markets. I think something like what you see here is very hard to come by and way too much money.. Food here on the Island is also more expensive..

    By the way, have you seen prices go up recently? I sure have. With our new HST going into affect, I think it will be scary loose more money…
    .-= expatraveler´s last blog ..Touring Victoria =-.

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