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St Lawrence Market

Toronto’s St Lawrence market reminds me of Ottawa’s Byward market: an oasis of fresh products right in the heart of the city.

Most of the market is nested inside a two-storey brick building, between King Street East and the Esplanade. We went there on Saturday morning, and boy it was busy! About half of Toronto seemed to have gathered around the baker, and the other half was queuing for meat, fish or appetizers, such as fresh olives, red pepper and feta cheese or artichokes. People were on top of each other — but of course in a very Canadian way: politely queuing, apologizing if they stepped on your feet and saying “please” and “thank you”.

However, like at the Byward Market, food isn’t cheap. Fresh products are still okay, but eating from one of the tasty food stall can set you back a few dollars more than you would have expected. Yet, the food is pretty good!

You can see the full set of the pictures taken in Toronto here.

Market Street
Cinnammon Buns

Grabbing Cheese
Meat Shop
Red Pepper and Feta
Sundry Tomatoes and Artichoke

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