Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Two Phone Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Bluetooth Gloves with Built-in Microphone & Speaker kit

Bluetooth Gloves with Built-in Microphone & Speaker kit

You know what’s cool with tech gadgets? They fill a need you didn’t even know you had and they make you shout “wow, cool!” like a kid stumbling upon a new toy.

When MobileFun contacted me to try a few of their products, I kind of gave the email a dismissive shrug. Yeah, okay, I have a smartphone, like millions of people. I barely use it—only to read emails and reply to clients when I’m out, to listen to podcasts, to find my way in Ottawa, to read flyers from the grocery store, to take snapshots, to Tweet, to call Feng and my mum with Skype and…

Oh, shit. I do use my phone quite a bit, come to think of it.

But could my smartphone experience be improved? I emailed MobileFun back and asked them to surprise me.

Two days later, a package was delivered at home.

MobileFun is based in the UK, they are the leading online retailer in mobile phones and accessories. They source cool innovations and they sell them in the European Union—and now in North America.

Before I even opened the package, I could attest to two things. The team is super friendly. I get dozens of requests through this blog and most are spammy or are from overworked employees who clearly use a script. Emails with MobileFun employees were personable and friendly. Second, they are efficient and proactive—the package was delivered from the UK to Canada in a couple of days, tracking number provided. Even Amazon can’t beat that!

The first accessory was the Bluetooth Gloves with Built-in Microphone & Speaker kit. I opened the box and found a pair of black winter gloves, equipped with various buttons by the cuffs, and a USB charger. After pairing them with my Android phone (sounds technical but really, they both mated just fine without my help), I was able to make and receive calls through the gloves. It’s simple: your thumb is now a speaker, your wrist is the microphone and the gloves vibrate when you receive a call. I tested them out outside—it was a cold and windy night, one of these instances when holding your phone to your ear gets painful after a few minutes. It works! The sound quality isn’t as clear as when you speak directly into the phone but not freezing my hands is priceless. Bonus: you can use any touch screen device with these gloves on.

Verdict: the instruction booklet was clear and written in relatively good English (minus a few typos…) and the gloves work. It’s a fun and useful gadget, especially for us in Canada when the weather gets ridiculously cold.

The second accessory was the Olixar Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device & Keys Finder Alarm & Selfie Shutter—many functions for a tiny lightweight device! Attach it to your key-ring, download the app and if you ever lose your keys, you will be able to locate them both through the app (if you left them behind somewhere) and by the audible beeping sound (if they are simply hiding under the couch). The device also works as a remote trigger for your phone camera and voice dictation feature.

Verdict: ultra-thin, multi-purpose and useful. I like that.

Has an accessory that improved your life? What gadget could you use in your daily life?

Bluetooth Gloves with Built-in Microphone & Speaker kit

Bluetooth Gloves with Built-in Microphone & Speaker kit

Bluetooth Gloves with Built-in Microphone & Speaker kit

Bluetooth Gloves with Built-in Microphone & Speaker kit

Olixar Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device & Keys Finder Alarm & Selfie Shutter

Olixar Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device & Keys Finder Alarm & Selfie Shutter

Olixar Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device & Keys Finder Alarm & Selfie Shutter

Olixar Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device & Keys Finder Alarm & Selfie Shutter


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  1. Martin Penwald on

    If you lose your phone, can you look for it with the keys? Because I look more often for my phone (sometimes) than for my keys (never).
    The gloves are nice, but I always wonder if this kind of product will be able to stand long canadian winters.

    • Yep! It’s actually pretty cool. If you want, send me your address (… an address? Not the truck in motion??) and I’ll ship you one device. That would be your Christmas gift. (Oui, c’est sérieux)

      • Martin Penwald on

        Thank you, it is nice, but I don’t have a “smart”phone, just two basic phones (one for Canada and one for US) to make calls only (I rarely text, less than once a month), so I can’t install any app.
        And I don’t celebrate Christmas, I celebrate Winter Solstice, in order to appease the snow storm deity which is messing with Wyoming (and Colorado, and Utah, and Montana) right now 🙂

        • I shall… celebrate with you, then. Anything to keep snow away. Any chance you could turn your truck into a Mad Max truck with flamethrower to defeat the white beast?

          • Mad Max II is pretty fun (and there is a big truck inside Yeeeaaah \o/ these old Mack have an awesome look), the III is pretty lame, the first is not too bad, and even if I liked Road Fury, I will reproach that it doesn’t fit in the Mad Max universe.
            Basically, in Mad Max, scarcity of ressources have led to a daily struggle for each human group, with different strategies. In Road Fury, there is not as much scarcity as wealth hoarding by a small group of authoritarian jerks (and there is a big truck inside Yeeeaaah \o/ with two trailers and working air brakes). It is more a metaphor about the unfairness of wealth inequalities than about the dangers of overproduction and environmental destruction like in Mad Max (I and II).
            So producers just used the Mad Max name to appeal to people, but the main character is Imperator Furiosa, Max is just here to help as a side character, and he could have been called Marcel, it wouldn’t have changed the movie.
            But besides that I liked it.

          • I wanted to revisit the classic Mad Max because somehow, I’ve never watched them. I saw Road Fury, I liked it (…I think? It was fucking weird) and I kind of get the philosophy behind it, which I find interesting.

          • Martin Penwald on

            One of the thing in Road Fury is that there is a not-so-subtle feminist message in it. I have the same inclination, so I don’t care, but a few MRA (Men’s Right Activists, some kind of whining crybabies who think that they deserve sex from every woman) were angry (like always) about it.

            Besides, it is true that in a world where ressources are supposed scarce, there is probably a better way to use them than to have a 8 wheeled truck loaded with huges speakers and a mad musician playing a double guitar-flamethrower hanging over the cab. I find that pretty awesome.

          • Eh, if I’m on board, I want music. I mean, your regular radio player won’t cut it.

            It’s funny, I didn’t see the big feminist message… I mean, I get it now that you mention it but watching it it didn’t strike me.

  2. I really appreciate (and trust!) this review so thank you so much for taking the time to write it! I love useful tech gadgets like this and I definitely use my smartphone so I love this stuff. Fantastic products, I think my husband would love it as well, thanks again!

  3. Both gadgets sound pretty useful ! I hate receiving calls in the winter, most times it means removing my huge mittens, opening my coat and when I finally answer, the caller has hung up!

    • I almost never answer the phone when I’m outside for this exact reason. Also, when my fingers are frozen, the touch screen doesn’t work.

  4. wow, ça semble cool comme truc! Mais je ne téléphone pas assez pour en avoir besoin dehors 🙂 Ce qu’il me faudrait, c’est un micro accroché sur le porte bébé 😉

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