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Photo Hunt – Sunset And Night

This is my entry for Graham’s monthly Photography Hunt. The theme for September is “favorite time of the day”.

Sunset over the City
Sunset Over The City

Evenings. Sunsets. The day is almost over, it’s now time to relax. I sometimes wish I were a morning person because I find the idea of waking up a bit before the world does a very good one. But I’m useless in the morning… so I settled for dusk.

To me, dusk brings peace. After a day of work, we all have two main things in our minds: eat and sleep. I take my time for both. I’m still European and tend to eat much later than the average Canadian family. I enjoy preparing dinner (I’m not a “soup and salad” kind of person) and taking my time to eat.I go for walks, I take baths, I meet with friends… I love dusk.

Beijing by night
Beijing By Night

I’m a night owl. Even as a kid, I couldn’t sleep at 8pm like most of my classmates. I liked staying up and I just wasn’t sleepy. In Junior High, I would listen to the radio all night, tucked in bed. In High School, I started drawing and reading at night. Now, I mostly blog, use the computer, watch movies, talk… Night is a creative time for me.

I enjoy taking walks at night when I’m travelling. Most cities aren’t as dangerous as people say and nighttime is just unique. Some cities awake, some sleep, some have a wild side that you would have never thought they had, some are very conservative.

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