Sunset And Night

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This is my entry for Graham‘s monthly Photography Hunt. The theme for September is “favorite time of the day“.

Sunset Over The City

Sunset Over The City

Evenings. Sunsets. The day is almost over, it’s now time to relax. I sometimes wish I were a morning person because I find the idea of waking up a bit before the world does a very good one. But I’m useless in the morning… so I settled for dusk.

To me, dusk brings peace. After a day of work, we all have two main things in our minds: eat and sleep. I take my time for both. I’m still European and tend to eat much later than the average Canadian family. I enjoy preparing dinner (I’m not a “soup and salad” kind of person) and taking my time to eat.I go for walks, I take baths, I meet with friends… I love dusk.

Beijing By Night

Beijing By Night

I’m a night owl. Even as a kid, I couldn’t sleep at 8pm like most of my classmates. I liked staying up and I just wasn’t sleepy. In Junior High, I would listen to the radio all night, tucked in bed. In High School, I started drawing and reading at night. Now, I mostly blog, use the computer, watch movies, talk… Night is a creative time for me.

Whenever I’m traveling I enjoy taking walks at night. Most cities aren’t as dangerous as people say and nighttime is just unique. Some cities awake, some sleep, some have a wild side that you would have never thought they had, some are very conservative.

What is your favorite moment of the day?


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. Amazing shots! I like your spirit to participate in such series 😀

    And know what I am totally like you “Night Owl” 😀 Night is the best to enjoy everything you want. Nights are always a peace to me!

  2. Hey Hey hey wait a sec………..I am the 1st one to comment on your blog……..Yeah Yeah Yeah! It’s for the 1st time I am first one to comment on your blog 😀 Geezzz too good to feel that way! 😉

  3. I am a morning person. I don’t mind getting up early in the morning because I know that by noon, I would have achieved a lot of things (and I can then take the rest of the day off), LOL.

    P/S: Yes, I know, I know it’s been a loooong time since I’ve dropped by. Now I’m back 😀

  4. LOVE the pictures… my favorite time of the day? ummm… I’ll have to say morning!! It takes me a lot to wake up really early but is def. my favorite time of the day.

    Aiglees last great read…Supermarkets

  5. I hate dusk. Seriously. For me it’s like a twilight zone when it’s neither light or dark. And I found out that when you’re napping at that time you’ll wake with headache and confusion not knowing what time is.

    My favourite time of the day would be late at night, almost midnight when I’ve finished my work and just sit in the kitchen, listening to jazz and sipping a mug of coffee with sugar and milk.

    the writers last great read…Work hard – shop hard

  6. My favourite time of the day is 5:00 when I get home from work. I love riding my bike through the city, though some days cars make it not so fun. There’s nothing like getting home and walking in to the door and having your dog super excited to see you. Of course, my dog is generally sleeping when I get home, and mostly doesn’t wake up for fifteen minutes after I get there.

    johnadas last great read…CANADIAN HEROES – Whoever Did This

  7. What a great post and what great photos! I think the most exciting time of day is what you described. However, I’m not always a night person, but I don’t have trouble staying up when it’s exciting. I have all of my creative juices flowing either 1 hr before bed or when I wake up in the morning…

    I must say that photo from Beijing is amazing!

    expatravelers last great read…A Snowbird Viewing

  8. Hey Zhu,

    How I do comprehend you: I am also a Night-Hawk!! In the morning, my brain doesn’t work lol; but as soon as the sun goes down: Iuuuupppiiiiii thoughts start flowing!!!

    Loved them pics; Graham must like them a lot!


    Max Coutinhos last great read…Possessive Elements

  9. Nighttime is definitely the right time…for anything! I agree, it’s a creative time…it’s the best time to travel around a city…and it’s an ideal time for talking. The best conversations come out at night. Take my days…I’ll keep my evenings. They’re priceless. 🙂

    Btw, I loved this post! The pics, too. It left me craving darkness.

    Scarlets last great read…picture books and broken hearts

  10. @Annie – Congrats for being #1! 😉

    So you’re like me… I think nights are very interesting. The world just looks different.

    @pelf – Oh, I wish I were like you! I’d love to be a morning person, it’s just that my body doesn’t cooperate. 😉

    @Aiglee – Another morning person! Man, you gotta tell me how you do it.

    @the writer – Late at night is nice… I wasn’t a dusk person in Europe either but in Canada, this time of the day is just beautiful.

    @johnada – Silly dog! 😆 It always takes me a couple of hours to relax fully after work. Then I enjoy the evening.

    @Celine – Same… everything changes when I travel. I guess it depends where I am too but I try to follow locals’ pattern to make the most of my day.

    @expatraveler – I can stay up late no problem, so I’m lucky. Glad you liked the pics!

    @Max Coutinho – Must be a Southern Europe thing 😉 My brain is best at night too!

    @Scarlet – And another night person! Let’s set up a time and chat together, I bet we can create something!

  11. Late reply, but what the heck. I prefer the bit of early morning before the sun rises. Perfect jogging moment. I like the way the light changes from darkness to light.

    But I have to say I enjoyed evening times as well, and this hit me the most in Cuzco. The lights, the ambient yellow emanating from the streets, they were just a world of its own.

  12. my favorite time of the day is breakfast. i’m well rested (usually). i love watching the sun come up over a cup of coffee, and either talking with someone or reading the newspaper. i’m hungry, so bring me pancakes, waffles, eggs and vegetables, granola, muffins, jam, leftover cold pizza. it’s a hopeful morning, usually quiet, i have my slippers on. and ohhh if you want to earn serious points, open my bedroom curtains and serve me breakfast in bed with flowers and orange huice. mmmm, you won’t regret it. it will be your best time of the day too… guaranteed.

  13. Welcome to Norway…the sun in the wintertime in Oslo comes up around 9 am, everyone gets to see it, and it sets at like 14:30…so you get to see that too, what a treat!! I love sunsets as well….the important thing is appreciating the beauty of nature.

  14. Mine is the dawn… I am a very morning person 🙂 I like to get up before the sun… in Canada its easier to do that in winter than summer… hahaha 🙂 Loved the picture of Beijing at night!

  15. I’m definitely a night owl too. Right now its close to midnight and I finally have the time to visit my good blog friend 🙂

    Btw: Lovely photos – love the golden look!

  16. Zhu!!!!! I love the sky shot, and the city road is mindblowing!!! What a surreal shot!! I love the motion, the lighting, the enegry, the depth of field… Brilliance at work from master Zhu!!!! A truly perfect interpretation of the theme. And I agree with you about wandering around cities at night. Very often this is when the cities really come alive. I love people watching too, and this is a great time to see people enjoying themeselves and relaxing. 🙂

  17. Nice shots, I like the motion of the cars in the second shot. I am interested in china and would love to travel there in 2009. thanks for sharing some of your photos.

  18. I love these, especially the city shot. I’ve aways wanted to be able to capture this type of shot wtih the cars going by and the city lights. I’ve tried but haven’t quite figured out the right settings as I tend to get too much noise or overexposure. Something for me to work on doing someday

    Bejing sure has their highways lit up! I swear all we have on ours is

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