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Catching an Amazing Sunset on Mackenzie King Bridge

It’s hard to catch a good sunset in Ottawa. Parliament Hill is one of my favourite spots but I only stay for sunset a few times a year because I don’t really have a reason to be there late in the day.

Last Saturday, sunset came to me. After a drink in the Byward, I was crossing Mackenzie King Bridge to go for sushi in Chinatown when I noticed the tall buildings in the downtown core were set against light pink hues. I started shooting (the friend I was with was patient!) and a few minutes later, when I turned around, the Parliament’s dark silhouette stood out against the orange and yellow background.

Photography is all about timing!

Looking Towards the Business District
Looking Towards Elgin Street
Sussex Drive and Gatineau Hills in the Background
The Rideau Canal and Parliament Hill
Parliament Hill

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