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Surprisingly Fun Things to Do in New York

In New York, you may have the pleasant surprise to discover that most of the city attractions are actually free or cheaper than you expect. Sure, you will have to pay to see the Empire State Building from the top, but Central Park, which is a must see, won’t cost you a cent. Times Square and Brooklyn Bridge are also completely free to visit—don’t leave New York before you check them out. You may also want to try one of the city tours, like the Big Bus New York Hop-On Hop-Off Tour. Someone should give you a flyer at some point, they are pretty popular.

If you plan on going to New York in the near future, here are a few highlights of the tour I thought you might like to know. The Big Apple has a lot to offer, and sightseeing tours are definitely one way of getting more acquainted with a small part of it.

Manhattan’s Skyline

Big Bus New York Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

New York is pretty congested most of the time. This is a turn off for a lot of tourists, and also one of the main reasons why this bus tour is so interesting. It enables you to get around easily thanks to the 30 bus stops you can choose from. It’s also a great way to explore the surroundings at your own pace and make your own itinerary without experiencing any limitations. You can choose between a variety of ticket options to your own liking.

The two-hour bus tour is actually a fun and guided city loop that teaches you fun facts about the city and plenty of places you must have seen on TV, like Upper West Side, Times Square, SoHo and Lower Manhattan. There are plenty of other similar guided tours you could opt for—just check out the Official Guide of NYC to stay updated.

Indoor Skydiving At iFLY Westchester

If you have always wanted to go skydiving, but you were too scared to do it, the iFly Westchester experience is just what you need. Their wind tunnel is perfect for indoor skydiving. No rain problems, no dangers, and, most importantly, no jumping. Get ready for the time of your life in complete safety!

Play Some NY-Style Pinball

If you love old-school games, and you can’t remember when was the last time you played pinball, you will have a blast at the Modern Pinball NYC. There are dozens of vintage and modern pinball machines to choose from, so you should have a lot of fun. Don’t forget to bring the kids along for some family fun!

Try Some Vegas-Style Casinos

If you like to play online casino games for real money every time you have a spare moment, you may be interested in checking out a few of the casinos operated by Native American tribes and non-tribal in the city. With more than 10,000 slot machines and fun table games to choose from, the fun is guaranteed. You can also bet on your favourite horses at a so-called racino and mix your love for slots, poker, and horse racing under the same roof.

In the meanwhile, you can practise your poker or blackjack skills on places like Gamblers Bet from the comfort of your own home. As I see it, the number one advantage of these virtual games, is the fact that you can pause a game whenever you need to. You can make yourself a cup of coffee, walk the dog, or cook dinner, then go back to resuming your game and start a new one in a fraction of a second. No sitting in line for a crowded table to become available, no extra hassle. You can also play for free, using the practice mode gaming option, and not risk losing any money. Free spin games and welcome bonus packages also add to the excitement. If you’ve never tried any casino games online before, give them a try. They’re loads of fun and can really change your mood after a long day at work!