Sweet Tooth (5/10)

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Weather, hockey, bilingualism, hugeness… what was I saying already? Sorry, I lost my concentration. I was writing my Canadian-ism series and suddenly got hungry. And there I am, one hand on the keyboard, the other one holding a small maple syrup candy. Sweet as hell, I’m high on sugar. Alright, let me see…

Yes, Canadian treats. Good. Sweet stuffs to help us survive harsh winter. Just have a look at that!


Canada’s trademark sweet is of course maple syrup and its many derivate products such as:

  • Maple butter, a creamy spread
  • Maple sugar, a simple sweet
  • Maple toffee on snow, to be eaten outdoor
  • Maple butter tart, nothing sweeter
  • Maple ice wine, a dessert wine
  • Maple vinaigrette, perfect for sweet salads

Among my favorite are also:

Beaver tails that are also a typical piece of Canadian-ism, although popular everywhere in North America : it’s a piece of fried dough, usually with some sweet spread on top (yes, maple syrup is of course a favorite!). Mostly eaten at festivals and during outdoor activities, it’s a winter favorite.

The famous butter tart is said to have evolved from pecan pie brought North by slaves from the US: the flaky pastry with a filling of butter, eggs and brown sugar is simply delicious… It’s probably the most characteristic Canadian pastry and one of our earliest known recipe.

Nanaimo bars are a West coast delicacy — yellow custard sandwiched between two outer layers of chocolate — are available throughout the country, all coffee shops serve it here, including Starbucks that popularized it abroad.

Montreal bagels, brought by Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, are almost as famous as their NY counterparts, while a bit smaller, denser and sweeter thanks to the honey added and are baked in wood-fired oven.

See, North American isn’t just about fast food and deep fried stuffs!

Oh man… I’m hungry now!


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. I love everything and anything maple … but I can’t get any of it where I live now, excpet maple syrup. Which is very hard to find, and very expensive … the little tins you have in the picture run about $10 each here.

  2. I will thank you again for the maple fudge!! I grew up in upstate NY and have many of the same specialties, but here in Norway they are not available. I still remember driving to Vermont with my dad to see the maple sugar factory the short period they were open and to get fresh maple candies…mmmmmm….now we live more in wine and cheese country, which is what we are having tonight….cheers!!

    DianeCA’s last blog post..Blogging activists – lets make the world a better place!

  3. I did not realize that there are so many other products derived from maple. Very sweet indeed! And in case you didn’t know, in Minoo City, Japan, they also produce a local specialty from maple. Guess what? Maple leaf tempura! I kid you not. It was, well, crunchy.

    By the way, the first time I saw those cans of maple syrup, I thought they were paint cans, and the brown picture looked like brown paint dripping from the sides!

    Linguist-in-Waiting’s last blog post..I Tore My Heart Open….

  4. @Theresa – Sorry I made you hungry! Yep, food is good here…

    @Ghosty – Same in France, but I would have thought maple syrup can be find easily in the US. Maybe we should start an import/ export company??

    @Spyder – Oh, how could I forget the sugar pie! Do you miss them in Kansas?

    @Madame M – We have some good things up there, not just snow! 😉

    @DianeCA – You’re very welcome! We are all addicted to some cultural products — I drive downtown Ottawa every week end to get some cheese from the Lebanese shops, the only ones to import French “gold”!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – I’d have to taste this “maple tempura”! They don’t have it here in Japanese restaurants 😉 I know, the cans DO look like paint! 😆

    @shionge – No? Well, you will have to come back then!

    @Keshi – Er… No Vegemite for me!

    @Art – Obviously, maple treats are sweet, but I’d rather have that than a fast food meal 😉

  5. Hey Zhu,

    Oh my God…are you promoting sweets, here? Now my mouth is watering: Bagels…with cheese…Mmmmmmm!
    Nanaimo bars sound delicious…I love custard, chocolate mmmmm…..
    Maple syrup is the thing I miss the most (since I left Canada)! I love it on waffles and pancakes Mmmmm…

    Oh my…I can’t be thinking of food right now, I must not put on weight this year…I got a marriage to attend to: and I am the leading star LOL LOL!

    This was a yummy post, mon amie :D!


    Max Coutinho’s last blog post..Today’s Youth

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