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Ottawa, April 2019

Against the Clock

These days, the time is the only information I can give straight out because I’m always racing against the clock.


The transition, these ten hours spent on a cramped plane, a day of travel in total, was almost too fast. And on top of that, today, I’m apparently turning 36. Crazy world, I’m telling you.


Today, I woke up thinking I had turned 33. A split second later, I pulled the duvet back over my head and closed my eyes to grab a few more minutes of sleep. Turning 33 did not magically make me a...

Polite Fiction

With forced cheer and social gatherings, the entire month of December is a prime time of the year for the fine art of social niceties—“The turkey isn't dry at all!", "What a thoughtful gift!", "I'm...


Our words sounded needlessly adversarial. We don't do gift giving very well at home. Or rather, we do it well without pressure, but it's hard to buy something just because you have to buy something.

My Oddly Specific Fear

Each country's set of road rules has a few idiosyncrasies. In Canada, the rule I hate the most is the "right turn on red".