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Our words sounded needlessly adversarial. We don't do gift giving very well at home. Or rather, we do it well without pressure, but it's hard to buy something just because you have to buy something.

My Oddly Specific Fear

Each country's set of road rules has a few idiosyncrasies. In Canada, the rule I hate the most is the "right turn on red".

Sick of Being Sick

If I was supposed to meet up with you sometime this year and if I cancelled because I was sick... well, I wasn't just making an excuse.

“Yes, Thank you”

Three words that are, in theory, easy to pronounce. English 101. But in real life, accepting help is a bit trickier. I know I'm not good at it. Surely, I can't be the only one?

The Household Deity

Every week, I pay respect to the household deity. And by that, I mean that I clean the fuck out of our house. I scrub the kitchen floor properly, with water and soap, on all fours, like a maid in a...

Every Life Happens

Looking back, it’s probably a good thing the Jehovah's Witnesses didn’t knock at the door during that period of my life—I would have ended up in a cult. That’s how desperate I was to find not myself...

Hidden Skill

While the obnoxious yet-to-be-caffeinated lady is still figuring out what she really wants from life and from a Styrofoam cup, I eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.

I Want It

Before Mark, I didn't quite understand why people were using services and conveniences or paying someone to complete a task for them.

Beautifully Flawed

French are epicurean, joyous pessimistic and self-conscious hedonist. North Americans, on the other hand, strive for perfection and constantly want to better themselves and those around them.

Breathing Space

There are only so many hours in the day and they are always booked by two main tasks—work and Mark. In between, a myriad of small duties, a series of minor events and a plethora of incidents will...

Ten Years (Holy Shit!)

There was no party, no engagement period, no white dress—we did have rings but only because we bought them on the way to the ceremony.


What’s relevant to me—and this is how I keep track of the years going by—is the sum of all the experiences, feelings and emotions that make up life and make us humans.

People I Used To Know

I had missed relationships ending and new ones beginning, I had missed pendaisons de crémaillère in first apartments, I had missed months of eating store-brand pasta because the cost of living in...

$2.36 to Escape

I should invest and buy Starbucks shares. Or apply for a barista position. Either way, it’s time to get something out of my coffee shop addiction.

A New Chapter?

With Mark at school, I should be able to resume a normal 9-5 routine. Except I don’t have one.

To Each His Own

I’ve known my in-laws for 12 years now. It’s not a secret that I don’t like fruits. It’s not a big deal, really. And yet, every few weeks or so, depending how often I see them, they offer me fruits.


Where is my phone? I need to charge it. I receive one phone call a month on average (and it’s usually telemarketing) but I need my phone. Why is my phone hidden at the bottom of the diaper stack...

The New Camera Saga

When Future Shop, Best Buy and Henry's refuse to sell me a camera. What's a girl gotta do to get a Nikon D3200?

Alright, Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex isn’t something I usually write much about. Not because I’m busy doing it but because even though I blog under “Zhu”, my real name is not a secret (“hi, prospective client!") and because some of...