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Lucky in Buenos Aires

I was lucky in Buenos Aires, so lucky that I extended my stay—I was only going to be there for four nights, initially. But hey, when everything works out fine, why not enjoy it?


The guys must have landed by now. I checked my email—yes, Feng replied to my own “landed!” email I sent last night, they made it to Ottawa. Phew.

Shit. I’m alone.

I think I need some coffee.

Four Days in Buenos Aires

We didn’t go to a tango show, we didn’t exchange US dollars on the black market on Avenida Florida”, we didn’t buy leather goods, we didn’t hang out in La Boca and we didn’t eat in a parilla.

People of Buenos Aires

“Everybody is so rushed compared to Santiago! It’s like… it’s like I don’t speak fast enough, don’t have my money ready fast enough, don’t get it fast enough!”