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Why Do You Live Where You Live?

“It’s temporary, anyway” was our private joke for a long time. We never really settled down the way many couples do because we had zero interest in doing so.


I pause at the doorstep. It’s a bit overwhelming, really. Do we really live here? Do we really have a shower, a microwave, a TV, Internet access?

The logistics of Coming Back

We each have our way of dealing with the transition from traveling to home. I am not good with transitions and I don't want to linger in that state of uncertainty so I get busy.

3 Things I Missed During This Trip

It’s ironic: everywhere I traveled in Latin America, locals told me how “lucky” I was to live in Canada. And I know Chiruza Canadiense would trade her passport with mine without a second thought...

Stepping Back Into the Fridge

It’s itchy. Like, really itchy. Will someone notice if I… I glance around me. At 1 p.m., the rush-hour crowd has already grabbed bagels, venti and cake slices and returned to the office. There are...