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Île de Nantes

The New Trottinette and a Crazy Idea

The city hasn’t changed but everything else did. Like my mom puts it, “it was a shitty year.” There’s so much family drama going on I don’t even know where to start both when I try to explain it to...

My paternal grandparents' place

An Awkward Visit

Just two weeks after leaving Ottawa, Feng, Mark, I, my sister and her boyfriend piled up into his car to go see my paternal grandparents.

Human chain on July 20 to ask "Where is Steve?"

“Where is Steve?”

When we arrived in Nantes, thousands of posters asking “Où est Steve?” were plastered all around the city. There are also graffiti on the festival site and on July 20, we saw a human chain along the...

Are We There Yet?

I feel pleasantly numb and it makes me smile. My evil plan worked—a four-hour night’s sleep to disconnect from reality. Take that, stupid brain!

All Over the Place

I can’t stand these last few days when it’s almost over but not quite yet. I don’t know who I am anymore, nor where I belong or where I want to be.

Art That Moves You

What kind of art moves you the most? What’s the creative discipline you enjoy best? Literature, performing arts, visual arts?

The Werewolves Theory

For once it’s not the noise level that grabs my attention but red and blue lights flashing into the living room, and by extension, into the bedroom where I’m falling asleep on my book.