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7 Weird Things French Say

It’s funny how exotic French can sound when you’re no longer immersed in the culture. Here are a few expressions and words I rediscover when I go to France.

The Big Argument

I chose to live several thousands of kilometres from where I was born but I never meant to hurt anyone. I paid the price for my decisions.

“Trois Baskets”

“I asked for a… baguette au sésame. But they didn’t understand me at first, because I pronounced it as seSAmee instead of SAYsame.”

I Swear…

North America's delicate ears shall not be assaulted by strong language, much like delicate eyes shall not be exposed to nipples and delicate taste buds cannot stand foul unpasteurized cheese.

The Language Connection

I felt completely isolated from other Canadians. I couldn’t do small talk, couldn’t relate to the culture, didn’t understand jokes and when arguing with Feng, I always ended up in tears because it...