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Ten Tree – Buy Clothes and Plant Trees (No, Really)

Well, technically, I saved money on clothing this season. We had such a shitty spring that I didn’t feel like buying anything—it’s hard to shop for summer shorts and tops when you are browsing at the Rideau Centre wearing your winter jacket…

I still like t-shirts, though, and I couldn’t resist ordering from a (relatively) new Canadian clothing company, Ten Tree.

Ever heard of Dragon Dens? In this TV show, aspiring entrepreneurs pitch business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists in the hopes of securing business financing. Well, this is where Ten Tree’s co-founders, Dave Luba and Kalen Emsley, presented their business model—for every item sold, Ten Tree and its partners plant 10 trees.

I love to support Canadian businesses and original ideas, so I went online to browse their collection and fell in love with the casual and outdoorsy style of the clothing line. The collection is available in many stores across the country but I chose to buy online—this is the perk of ordering from a Canadian company, shipping doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

I picked two products:

  • Take Flight, a navy-blue tank top featuring a feather
  • Lakamo, a charcoal hoodie, featuring the “10” logo

The buying and checkout process was straightforward and I was given the choice between paying with a credit card or with PayPal, an option I love since I don’t have to give out my banking information.

The purchase was confirmed by email, and so was the shipment.

Surprise! Only a day later, I received a package at home. The yellow unbranded envelope contained the two items, neatly folded and protected by plastic wrapping.

First impression: wow, the fabric is nice! It’s very very soft and lightweight. The sizing was perfect (“small” for the tank top, “medium” for the hoodie) and the colour is actually nicer than on the website.

Bonus: twenty trees were planted in Madagascar, Ethiopia or Canada for my purchase! My next step is to register “my” trees to see where they will be planted within the next six months—the tracking code is on the clothing tag.

This Canadian green-friendly apparel company deserves more support! It could have been just another gimmicky idea but the products are top notch and so is customer service.

Ten Tree's "Take Flight" Tank Top
Ten Tree’s “Take Flight” Tank Top
Ten Tree's "Lakamo" Hoodie
Ten Tree’s “Lakamo” Hoodie
Ten Tree's "Lakamo" Hoodie
Ten Tree’s “Lakamo” Hoodie
Ten Tree Clothing Tags
Ten Tree Clothing Tags
Ten Tree Clothing Tags
Ten Tree Clothing Tags

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