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Thanks for the Party… Eh!

Happy birthday Canada… from London!

That’s right: from France, we took the Eurostar (more on that later) and are now in London for a few days. And this afternoon, we stumbled upon the Canada Day celebrations in London, in Trafalgar Square — a huge (unexpected) party!

We had a good laugh when we noticed there were even a Tim Hortons on-site for the occasion, as well as a poutine stall (£5 though!) and a bunch of Canadian flags. It felt like Parliament Hill, just noisier. For some reason, techno music was the music of choice — what, no Tragically Hip, the perfect Canadian band? Oh right, they are in Ottawa, playing at the BluesFest.

You can follow our trip to the U.K here on Flickr: United Kingdom.

Canadian Spotted
Canuck Girls
Canada day on Trafalgar Square
Canadian family
Curly Fries (crips?)
Poutine in London
Fall in Love with Canada
Female Poutine Eater
Good Old Canadian Boy (with hockey sticks)
Watching the Party
Poutine Eaters
Trafalgar Square Fountain
Canada Day - A Canadian Affair!

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