The Animals Kingdom (6/10)

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Granted, when it comes to dangerous and weird animals, Australia is probably number one (I will never forget driving at dusk in Alice Spring… bloody kangaroos!). But Canada, with its huge land mass and small population density, also has a great wildlife.

Granted, I don’t get to see bears everyday, which is all in all probably a good thing. I mean, it’s not like they look like Winnie The Pooh — or so I’ve been told.

However, despite living in Ottawa’s close suburb, I get to see a bunch of animals on a daily basis. Rabbits run around the house and scare me when I go out for my last smoke at night. Squirrels are cute animals but they drive us nuts (no pun intended) in the summer, when they dig in potted plant and cause power outage by chewing on power lines (seriously). Raccoons are cute but also clever and persistent, and in residential and urban areas they can be considered as pest. They can open garbage cans with their hands and feast before the garbage truck even has a chance to come… Finally, skunks are best known for their strong odor secreted if frightened or disturbed. We usually don’t get too close to them in case of… but they don’t mind getting close to us!

Quite a few animals became Canadian symbols. The beaver, for example, which is on the 5¢ coin. Lots of places also bear the name of an animal: the cities “Moose jaw“, “Whitehorse” or “Goose Lake” for example. And generally speaking, Canadian are quite proud of their wilderness and fauna. A true animal kingdom, I’m telling ya!


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. I used to see bear once in a while when I lived in the Catskills …

    Baltimore? We got Orioles … Ravens … Terrapins … Blackbirds … Bayhawks … oh, yes, and the Stallions (Canadian Football League!)

    Ghosty’s last blog post..A Relaxing Saturday

  2. Interesting comparing and did you know I’ve been in Australia too – around 15 years ago. So of course I’ve seen kangaroos and even pet a Kuala, almost crashed with an emu and almost stepped on a cobra. It was fascinating and very exotic for a Norwegian of course, but maybe a bit to close when we had a very poison snake in our garden.

    Btw: The ‘national’ animal in Norway is moose – I have to make a post about that one day.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend 🙂

    RennyBA’s last blog post..A culinary feast at Restaurant Eik in Oslo

  3. No bears around here! 🙂
    Hi Zhu, I’m back after a short break… and glad to see some beautiful posts here!
    Missed your comments on my CowParade at Blogtrotter, but now you I’m posting on Sofia, Bulgaria. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

    Trotter’s last blog post..MONUMENTS AND ALIKE…

  4. Minor gripes, but it’s “feast” and “Moose Jaw” 🙂
    There’s also Duck Lake, SK, Deer Lake (AB?), Killdeer, SK (a bird), Crane Valley, SK, and I could go on if I wracked my brain.

    Raccoons and skunks are also potential rabies carriers which is another good reason to move them away from urban areas (and destroy the ones who encroach).

    Saskboy’s last blog post..Fire and Ice almost melted

  5. Ah…to be so close to the nature Zhu 😀 Life is a ‘jungle’ too in a cramp city like Singapore and it is “Animal” of the different kinds kekeek…

    Have a wonderful week ahead my friend 😀

  6. My family killed 6 bears one summer in our back yard in Canada. And there has been more than once that I had to stop for a moose in the road back home. But here in Missouri we have to watch out for deer in the road.

    Spyder’s last blog post..I’m Baaack!

  7. **when it comes to dangerous and weird animals, Australia is probably number one

    LOL I feel ‘weird’ now Zhu.

    If I ever visit Canada, I wonder if I’d run into a bear in the middle of traffic? Like we run into Kangaroos here in Aus 🙂


  8. @Froggywoogie – Not much frogs in Canada… apparently they don’t like the cold!

    @Ghosty – I have never seen a bear (and not likely to see any in Ottawa!) but I find them fascinating animals. Feng has a cap with the oriole on it… prob. got it in Baltimore come to think of it!

    @RennyBA – Australia is almost too exotic for me actually! I liked the kangaroos (not when I was driving though) but not so much the spiders and scorpions… The moose as a national animal? Another similarity with Canada!

    @silverneurotic – Actually, kangaroos are more “dangerous” that foreigners generally think but yeah, not as bad as soom weird snakes or spiders! 😆

    @Trotter – Hi there, haven’t heard from you in a while! I’ll go have a look 😉

    @Saskboy – My English is good except when I’m tired! 😉 Lots of weird names in Sask. and Alberta, I posted about that once I think.

    @Beaverboosh – Sorry, it’s just that they are kind of hard to catch! Smart animals… 😉

    @Theresa – Really? I would think Spain was a bit more exotic than that… I trade a skunk for a spider if you want!

    @Jay Cam – Canada IS a weird place! 😆

    @shionge – Oh we have other weird “animals” that I didn’t mention here 😆

    @Art – I know, I was amazed too when I first came! There are only pigeons in France…

    @Spyder – 6 bears?? Wow! 😯 I haven’t actually seen any in the area… good thing I guess!

    @Keshi – You would more likely run into a deer… I think bears are smarter than that! 😆

    @Johnada – No, I didn’t know the book! It’s not a childhood trauma, it’s just that every time I go out half sleepy, I feel something spying on me and then spot two red eyes and… 😆

  9. Hi Zhu,

    My first time here and the site looks cozy and friendly. So you’re looking for a comrade to widen your left wing liberal base? Well, it has now grown by 100%. There’s two of us.

    Speaking of weird animals, the most I’ve seen in a single place is a little over 300 of these weird creatures, and it’s close to where you’re coming from – the US Congress. 🙂 –Durano, done!

    Durano Lawayan’s last blog post..Keeping Kosovo on even Keel

  10. 🙄
    Hey did you know N America seems to have literally x2 the variety of wildlife as Northern Europe… almost everything we have you seem to have… loads of other things like coyotes, racoons, skunxx, bears, wolves etc etc…

    btw: do you have foxes where you are? I mean: do you get them at all? Or just sometimes? Someone sent a real odd comment back from America I think about “desperate” foxes being forced into British towns… after a post where I mentioned them…

    foxes aren’t “forced” into towns they love it there… very often you’ll see this thing that looks just like a red dog… very cute and unafraid either stalking down the street or just sitting in next door’s front garden looking at me… one time I saw two babies frolicking at 6am in my back garden… excellent stuff!


    Gledwood’s last blog post..Secret Passage

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