The Art of Life Changing Decision-Making

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In life, one will have to make a number of decisions which will eventually shape one’s direction and value as a person. Making a decision is supremely existential, as this is one of the main capabilities of the human person, something that other beings in the world do not possess. And when it comes to making decisions, different people will have different ways on how to make it happen. For others, it’s about choosing what is good and avoiding what’s bad. For players who are into casino entertainment, decisions may depend on which will bring in the most profit or value, just like in the game of online poker. Other individuals will focus more on the moral value of the situation and the resulting decision. And there are those who make decisions because of the superiority of intellect, which then illuminates the will to come up with action. Whatever the process of making a decision, what is important is that the human person should exercise this freedom and ability, bestowed upon all individuals.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to harness the power of decision-making as a way to change one’s life. If you think that you belong to that group of people who fails to see the true value of effective and the art of decision-making, then it’s never too late to re-calibrate your efforts. Listed below are the recommended ways on how you should address the art of decision-making that can put back bring you the winnings you need or in an existential sense, can put meaning to your life.

Learn that decision-making is a systematic process

Decisions are things that do not just appear out of nowhere. According to a number of experts, decisions are products of a process that involves choices, gathering of information and checking on the available options and resolutions. While a step-by-step process may be tiring and stressful for many, this approach to decision-making can bring in a number of benefits at the end of the day. If one follows a systematized way of making a decision and confronting choices, then there’s a big chance that the most beneficial option may be discovered.

  1. Choose a decision. Whether to fold or raise in a game of poker online or signing up for that post-graduate course, you need to realize that a decision must be made. You need to understand the nature and importance of the decision that will be made, how it will impact you in the short and long term.
  2. Collect critical information that can help in making a decision. The best decisions that you can make are based on facts and information. For example, when you play poker, the decision to fold or call or even raise will depend on the value of the hand and the cards. This is true as well when it comes to life-critical decisions. Make sure you have access to all the information and data that you need. Information can be internal or external. Internal information will refer to those that can be found within you, through self-assessment and introspection. It means that some of the best decisions can be yours by asking yourself, based on gut feeling.
  3. What are the available alternatives? As soon as the information and details are collected, you will soon discover that decisions and choices can come in many forms or alternatives. Here, the challenge for you is to come up with alternative scenarios and come up with workable decisions and alternatives. This step is applicable in all situations, whether you are on it to play online poker or for a critical career move.
  4. Evaluate your options. When takings stock of the alternative, make sure that you revert back to the first step. As you sift through the available options, you will discover that some alternatives are better than the rest. Here, you will now make a ranking order of viable alternatives, based on your needs and requirements or your own set of values.
  5. Make a choice. Based on the personal ranking of the available alternatives, you need to select what you think is the right one for your needs. There will be an instance when a combination of these alternatives may be your best decision. Once you have selected the right decision, then that’s the time that you need to take action and implement it. As they say, action will only take place once the intellect has illuminated the will. And the processes clearly lay out the foundation for an informed choice and decision.
  6. Assess the decision and be responsible for it. For many, making a decision is only about executing the choice, and forgetting what will come next. The art of life-changing decision-making is being able to learn from previous decisions, and learning to embrace its outcome, whatever the results. It is not every time that a decision or the circumstances will favor you, for example when playing Omaha High or any other game. There’s a big chance that the decision will not bring out the results that you have planned and expected. If that is the case, it’s better that you learn how to face the outcome and results and own it. It’s the decision that you have made, and you should be responsible enough to take it, positive or negative. Decisions may not be able to deliver the best results but still, these are life-changing decisions. You can still make sense of it by learning from the mistakes made.

    Decisions, whether big or small, have the power to change your life. These decisions have the power to help you reach the dreams that you have in mind, or put you in a tight spot which can undermine your plans. Since decisions can be life-changing, it’s best that you put on your best effort, and treat it as a process and a learning experience. Whether that’s decision is about your favorite free poker game or a career move, make sure that you invest time because it can influence your future.


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