The Blog Carnival Stories Are Here!

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What A Weird Day...

What A Weird Day...

Two weeks ago, I organized Correr Es Mi Destino’s first blog carnival: the “what a weird day” blog carnival.

We all experienced a day when nothing goes as planned, when the world just looks strange, when we witness something unusual. At least I hope so… wouldn’t like being the only one!

I’m pleased today to share with you four great stories, submitted by Max and Linguist In Waiting.Thank you guys for participating!

If you have a story to tell, you can still email it to me (see Contact Zhu) or submit it at Blog Carnival, and I will publish it on this blog. I can be a new article or an old post, even a picture if you life. This is a great way to share your writing and get more exposure!

Today, both participants are born storytellers.

Max, from Portugal, is a curious girl who often publish provocative articles. She enjoys dissecting life and society and is a fun person to argue with, since she respects all point of views. Max also publishes short stories that are remarkably well-written!

Linguist In Waiting is a grad student in Buffalo. A true citizen of the world, he enjoys posting articles about his life in the USA, people he meets, his travels and his observations on life.

Enjoy the stories:

Max presents a weird family day at the Amoreiras Shopping Centre in Lisbon… in 1986! Max was just a kid when she experience quite a scare with her whole family. But her mother, who sound like someone who doesn’t lose her cool, kept the family together!

Linguist In Waiting presents a New York City trip trilogy. As we all know, getting there is only half of of the fun, and people we meet while traveling make a long lasting impression! On his second day, Linguist In Waiting experiences Murphy’s Law while traveling back and forth between two embassies. On his third day, he finally gets to experience NY, while reuniting with an old friend.


About Author

French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. Max Coutinho on

    Hey Zhu,

    Thanks for your marvellous review: I am speechless :)!

    I will read Linguist in Waiting’s Weird days ;)!

    I wish your Blog Carnival all the best!!


  2. I’d like to echo Max in thanking you for the review. Just a little note, but the trilogy did not happen in three days, but in a single day! I figured when I was posting those three years ago that one long post is just too long. I would be reading Max’s weird day: it looks intriguing, given the fact that I was just 4 years old when 1986 came and went.

  3. @Max Coutinho – You are very welcome! I am glad you participate in it. Your story was fun!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – No way! Wow, it’s even weirder..! 😆

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