The Blogging Advice Winners!

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It’s now time to announce the “Best Blogging Advice” contest winners!

First of all, I’d like to thank each of you for giving valuable advice about blogging. Trust me on that, I’m gonna use them!

I received advice from: Shionge from So Shiok…!, Bluefish from Between Canada And Denmark, Graham from One Man’s Travel, Khengsiong from Principle Of Uncertainty, Barbara from Home In France, Ulquiorra from Deep Sarcasm, Damospace, Pocket Culture, Kyh from Times Journal, Johnada, Spyder from My Spyderweb, Durano Lawayan from The Spitting Vessel, Ghing from My Blogging Experience, Freelance Web Design, Scarlet from As Good As It Gets, Seraphine from Encore Seraphine and Beaverbosh.

Picking the winners was hard since a lot of great advices were given. I choose the bloggers who scored the most points, as I specified, and then the best advices. So:

  • In the World Category, the winner is… Ghing from My Blogging Experience!
  • In the Canada category, the prize goes to… Johnada, who is recovering from his bicycling experience in Toronto!
  • The second prize goes to… Kyh, author of Times Journal.
  • Finally, the third prize goes to Durano Lawayan, author of The Spitting Vessel.

I loved Kyh and Durano’s advices:

a) Respect Your Readers – be truthful about what you write; make sure your thoughts are well organized and logically flows throughout the post. Edit your post before publishing for grammar, syntax, spelling, facts, and punctuation marks. Avoid using profanities and slang. Write with feeling and empathy,choosing words that would aptly describe these without sounding so pretentious.

b) Be Open to those that Post a Comment – Welcome other bloggers’ opinions and ideas even if they contradict with yours. Agree to disagree without being disagreeable. There is no sense in generating opinions if all you want are praises for what you have written or photos you have posted. Most people base their opinions on what they have experienced or accepted as their beliefs or values. Respect these too, since chances are, your experiences are different from theirs. Allow them to express their perspectives.

c) Be Caring and Kind to other Bloggers – When posting a comment on other bloggers’ sites, consider the feelings behind the post. Focus on what in your own perspective is good about it and comment on that. You may also venture to comment on what the feeling of the author is in writing the post, but qualify that this is just how it dawns on you. Be gentle with criticism or disagreements, write it as a suggestion for improvement. Be generous with praise but don’t overdo it as it may sound contrived.

d) Reciprocate – When bloggers post a comment, acknowledge and respond, if possible, before you write the next post. Then, go to that blogger’s site and post a comment too. Try to build an open line of communication. Reciprocity is also respect for those that read your posts and make a comment. Avoid unthinking comments like “great blog”, “Way to go”, or “Let’s exchange links” pleeeeeease!!

e) Treat Every Blogger as an Equal – There is no place for discrimination in the blogosphere. There are things each one of us can do better than anybody else, regardless of what it might be; and there are things others can do better than yourself. There are things you know that others don’t; and there are things others know that you don’t. So it does not make you better than they are, nor are they better than you. That makes us all equal.

Durano Lawayan

My advice? Be genuine. Be humorous at times. And pictures! Photos and pictures draw attention more than words. Travel stories would always appeal to most of us. Intuitive layout that is neat and clean at first sight. And most importantly, blog from the heart! Bloggers won’t last long if they don’t blog with passion!


These advices made sense to me and are really close to what I think as well. Thanks for your input!

Among the great bloggers I mentioned here today, I’d like to introduce you guys to Kyh. His blog, TiMes JoUrNaL, has: 1) the nicest header I have ever seen (and he drew it!) 2) the best pictures 3) great travel stories. Kyh, who has been blogging since 2005, is from Malaysia. He loves world history, culture, traveling and obviously, photography. Still a student, he blogs about Malaysia, cultural events, his life and what I like best about him is he is this kind of blogger who only posts when he has something to share. For great pictures and travel stories, check out his Gone Rural and his Penang Heritage Trail series!

First prizes winners, email me your banner/ ad and I’ll put in in my sidebar over the week end. You can contact me with this form. And see you tomorrow for the last post of the “How To Blog” series!


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. Congrats to the winners!
    I visited Johnada’s site for the first time lat night, so I’m glad he was one of the winners.
    You have the *best* bloggers, Zhu. I love your blog, and I’m never disappointed when I visit somebody that makes an interesting comment on your blog.

    Seraphines last great read…Tornado Part 5: Chapman, Kansas

  2. I love the long advice on blogging especially about responding to others. I sometimes will read bloggers from Denmark and ask them questions, but most of them don’t reply which piss me off. However, I keep reading them and leave comments but it’s not the same for my blog. They usually ignore it…I really wonder why. I think it’s important to adknowledge others and show respect. That you actually care what they wrote.

    bluefishs last great read…Get Smart

  3. Froggywoogie on

    Zhu, Thank you for this interesting contest and the positive feedbacks it has generated.
    I didn’t think to have any special advice to give so I just stayed silent but I’m reading with a passion and learning from the responses. Actually what most say and what I think match.
    This is a great blogal community

  4. Hi Zhu,

    Thanks a lot for the award, and congratulations to all first and second place winners. It is my lucky day. I joined to express my two cents worth to what I believe is a very worthy invitation about relating in this digital world. You deserve congratulations for initiating it. It was a great idea, Thanks Zhu. 🙂 –Durano, done!

    durano lawayans last great read…Arte y Pico Award Acceptance and Acknowledgement

  5. I’m a 2nd-prize winner? Wow wow… That’s a big surprise!! 😀

    Thx for your short review… But here’s a correction: I din *draw* my headers (I wish I could!)! All the while I’ve been giving credits to someone for this on my sidebar and in my comments page. What I did is a lil bit of artistic modification and my newly learned knowledge in Adobe Flash. But now I’m workin’ on my *very own* header. Heh…

    kyhs last great read…Pearls of the Nanyang Dragons

  6. Congratulations to all the winners! Each of them are truly deserved and the advice they have offered is so true and very importatant.

    Thank you to you Zhu for posting such a great competition. I am so sorry that I didn’t get time to complete the full challenge this time, but look forward to your next one and promise to complete all of it.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend 🙂

  7. I wonder if these tips work…though I doubt I will be actively changing the way I blog. I used to blog before but I think I’ve ‘lost the touch’ so to speak.

    Thanks for the competition Zhu, it was helpful for everyone!

    Ulquiorras last great read…Survival Of The Funnest – Spore

  8. pocketcultures on

    Very many congratulations to the winners!
    And thanks to you Zhu, we all enjoyed it I think.

    pocketculturess last great read…Hungarians have their cake and eat it

  9. @Seraphine – I love Johnada too, he is a really funny guy! I try to hang out with people I admire, makes life more interesting…!

    @bluefish – Mmm… I don’t know why either. I occasionally “ignore” people but they are spammers or bloggers who only try to get a link for their “great” money-making blog. These ones, I ignore. They annoy me. I don’t know if I would keep on reading someone if I was being ignored like that… it’s not a matter of commenting all the time, but just a quick hi means a lot.

    @Froggywoogie – I’m glad you liked the advices here!

    @durano lawayan – Congrats! I really like your advices, you took the time to highlight some important basics and I appreciate that.

    @kyh – Ooops, my mistake! I remembered a discussion we had about your header and I thought it was your art. I’ll correct that, but I still love your blog 😉

    @Graham – Don’t apologize, your advices were really useful. There were so many good ones it took me 30 min. to figure out who was gonna to get what prize!

    @Ulquiorra – I find these tips do work, at least most of them. It’s good to have good ethics on the way anyway, and that’s what a lot of people highlighted here as well.

    @RennyBA – It was like a giant brainstorming! The answers were great!

    @pocketcultures – And I’m glad we got in touch thanks to the contest!

    @DianeCA – I’m glad I can share some links here, the bloggers are really good. A visit of you IS a prize! 😉

    @Aiglee – I hope you’ll find them useful!

  10. You have some really fantastic advice, I will be back to read more. I believe common courtesy goes along way. I have been horrified at some of the blog posts I have seen on line. Everyone would do well to read you blog and get a few tips from you. My theory is if you like something then tell the person and if not keep your comments to yourself.

    Lisss last great read…Monthly Photo Project – Moon or Moon Light.

  11. hi Zhu!.. thanks alot..
    this is my very first time to won in a contest and I am so happy..
    thanks and congratulations to all the winners.. 🙂

    I visited the site of the other winners and they are really good..

    CONGRATZ!!!… 🙂

    ghings last great read…I started to join some money making site

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