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The Byward Market

You guys know how much I love markets. I already showed you Toronto‘s, Nantes, and Montréal‘s local markets but for some reason, I had never really taken pictures at the Byward Market in Ottawa.

The Byward Market is somewhat of a fixture in Ottawa. It is located downtown, close to the Rideau neighborhood, between Sussex and Rideau St. There is a main market building (very similar to Kensington Market in Toronto or to The Forks in Winnipeg), surrounded by an open-air market on George, York, ByWard and William Streets.

I don’t care much for the marking building which is a bit of a tourist trap. The small restaurants inside are always packed but quite overpriced — imagine a fancy-looking mall food court. The area around the building is nice though. First, it is the city’s premier bar district. There are tons of restaurants to choose from, ranging from the touristy Hard Rock Café to smaller gems like the Ahora, a Mexican canteen. There is always something going on and buskers are quite inventive here.

But what I like best is the farmers’ market, which operate almost year round. I don’t eat much meat but I need my vegetables and I could easily survive on that alone. Prices are quite good and the products are fresher than at the supermarket. Besides, most are locally grown… and they look good!

You can see the whole Ottawa Summer set here.

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