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The City Swap

I occasionally take part in various blogging events, such as contests, memes, photography hunts etc. It had been a while, though.

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Pay It Forward, a meme that encourage people to send and receive small gifts. I enjoyed participating and I must admit I was like a little waiting on Christmas Eve when I opened my little package!

This time, I heard of the City Swap on Expat Traveler’s blog. This year, it was organized by Laura. The goal was to: “Swap some thing(s) that, in your opinion, best represent the place where you live, and what you think makes it unique”. Laura patiently assigned each participant a  “city swap buddy”.

Jana, my recipient from South Carolina, just wanted to be surprised and didn’t have any specific like/dislike. I told her I couldn’t promise to send a live moose or hockey players’ teeth (two great Canadian items!) but that I would do my best.

This is what I sent her:

  • Chocolate bars, one with maple syrup and the other one with ice wine filling
  • Maple syrup candies
  • A “why Canadians say ‘eh’” fridge magnet
  • A 8 x 10 copy of skating on the Rideau Canal picture from the Shop
The Package I sent

Apparently, she liked it!

I was the lucky recipient of Amy’s package, and I was amazed how much effort she put into it—she gathered Denver in a package!

I received:

  • Coffee from Pablo’s Coffee
  • Delicious cinnamon candies
  • A copy of the Denver magazine, 5280
  • A CD of her favourite local band, Paper Bird
  • Celestial seasonning tea made in Boulder, CO
The Wonderful Package I Received!

I love these little random acts of kindness!

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