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The End of Fall

The last leaves are falling, the sky is moody, the days are getting shorter and it’s a bit colder everyday. Almost winter, I guess.

To non-initiated people, it’s hard to explain what is going inside a Canadian’s head right before winter. It’s a mix of fear and pride, a mix of apprehension and excitement.

Winter can be fun, at first. The first snow fall is usually beautiful: a pure white blanket covering the city, covering the dirtiness (and the potholes). The following storm is stronger and next thing you know, you are shoveling two feet deep of snow to get out of the house. Daily tasks can be a pain: getting up in the cold, getting dressed, getting around — all that takes longer.

But the slow descent into winter is also somewhat soothing. We are like animals: we eat more, we stay home and we (try to) sleep longer. After all the excitement of the summer and the long days, it’s somewhat comforting. So let’s all grab a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle in layers of thick sweaters.

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