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The food of Canada

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Canada is a beautiful country with plenty to see and do, especially if you’re here on vacation and keen to take in as much as possible. From Niagra Falls to the Maple Leaf, the options are endless and the scenery – on the whole – is stunning all over the country.

Travelling around Canada is fairly easy too, with plenty of buses and trains to catch all around what is a massive country. Travellers from all around the globe make use of the buses, especially. They’re easy to catch, and you can just sit back, relax and play what works for you at www.casino.com/ca, then a few hours later you’ll arrive at your destination, ready to see what that particular part of the country has to offer. Montreal, Toronto, Ontario; wherever you end up, there’s always plenty to see.

Food, though, is arguably one of the things Canada does best. The vast array of dishes on offer and the variety of different cultures which have made their mark on some traditional Canadian grub separates it out from many other countries. So, with that in mind, here some of the best food to eat in Canada.

Nova Scotian Lobster Rolls

If you haven’t tasted Canadian seafood, then you simply haven’t lived! Canada’s one of the best countries to eat seafood, that’s a fact. When it comes to Nova Scotian Lobster Rolls too, they’re the best and a real Canadian favourite. Crispy fries accompanied by a delicious lobster roll – what more could you want?


Definitely one of the tastier dishes to make the list, bannock is a bread lovers delight. Bannock is a simple bread which dates back in history to Canada’s Aboriginal people. Still, it is enjoyed all over the country today, with various modern versions either being fried or baked. If you want to try bannock, then you can find it in cafes and bakeries all over Canada.

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When you think of Canadian cuisine, it’s impossible to ignore poutine. Everyone in the country eats or has eaten it, alongside seeing it in other countries too. The dish is a classic mix of crunchy fries and squeaky cheese curds, topped with rich gravy. The definitive version will always be a favourite, but various establishments have added twists to the dish in recent times, with the likes of bacon and pulled pork added in some parts of the country. If you haven’t had poutine, then please do.

Butter tarts

Sometimes simple food done well is the best kind of grub to eat, and that is exactly what applies to the good old butter tart. Made by adding a butter, sugar and egg filling to a beautifully flaky pastry shell, butter tarts are just about as traditional as it gets. They’re done best in the Great White North and are enjoyed all over the nation.

Saskatoon berry pie

Who doesn’t like eating a sweet pie? If that’s you, then it’s probably best to look away now as a detailed description of a pie-lovers dream is about to arrive. A Saskatoon berry pie is both sweet and contains a subtle almond flavour. Eaten all around Canada and with the city of Saskatoon actually named after it, Saskatoon berry pie is delightful.


We had to end on another sweet treat, and it simply had to be Beavertails. It’s basically deep-fried dough, a choice of toppings from the likes of Nutella or peanut butter, and a subsequent moment of absolute bliss as you get stuck into it. It’s not really traditional Canadian food as such, but it’s damn popular around the country.